Playing the rummy games knowing the rules

rummy games

You probably love to play cards along with your friends or relatives. Some card games are purely based upon luck. If you play such luck games online, then you can even win attractive prizes. Today, many people are playing card games to win cash prizes and earn pocket money. Some games are based upon your skills. You should apply your logic and wit to play some card games. Memory is one of the popular card games that help in improving your memory power. Solitaire is also one of the favorite games of people who love to play individually. They can apply their skills and logic to arrange the cards in a sequential manner. Rummy is also one of the favorite card games of several people across the globe. They are playing the rummy game online and winning prizes. Some people are winning cash prizes playing the game also. If you are a beginner, you should know the rummy card game rules.

About the Rummy game

It is a popular card game played by two to six players. It is one of the draw and discards game played using 13 cards. Every player uses 13 cards and should make a sequence. A player should apply his logical skills to play the rummy game. One card is discarded from the game when the player forms sequences. It is categorized as a game of skill. If only two to three players are playing the game, then they can form four to five sequences. But if six players are playing the game, then they can only form 2 sequences. 

Imagine, 4 players are playing the game, and then a pack of 52 cards is distributed to four players. Usually, each player gets 13 cards. Then, the four players should form four sequences and the 13th card is usually discarded. The player who forms the sequences in the game earlier wins the game. Then, the other players continue playing the game until they form sequences. The person who forms the sequences in the game at the earliest is the winner. One person loses the game that is not able to form sequences. 

How should the player form sequences?

He should follow the sequential order of the cards. Ace is regarded as the highest ranked card and 2 is the lowest ranked card. Ace is followed by King, then Queen. They are form a sequence of Ace-King-Queen. This sequence has highest points. You also may form a sequence of King-Queen and Jack. Depending upon the available cards, you can make sequences. You can only consequently form a sequence of numbers such as 7 8 9 or 9 10 Jack, etc. At the end of the game, who has highest ranked cards in the winner?

They may also use a joker to form a sequence, but it does not hold any value. For want to form a sequence of 8 9 and 10. You are not able to find 10 numbers despite playing twice or more times, then you may use a joker to form a sequence. But at the end of the game, this joker does not hold any value. 

You can form sequences as you are playing and also can form sequences such as Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10-9 of the same suit. In the pack of card games, usually 4 suits are available such as spade, diamond, flower and heart. You should form a sequence of the same suit. If you are forming a sequence of Ace-King and Queen, then you should make a sequence of the same suit. For e.g. Spade Ace-King-Queen or Diamond Jack-10-9 etc. 

The royal cads are usually allocated 10 points in the game. When a player finishes forming sequences of all the cards, then he should fold the 14th card and then declare, he completed the game. Then, when the player wins the game, the face value of the cards is examined of the other players. 

Forming pure or impure sequences 

The players can make pure or impure sequences in the game. A pure sequence is a sequence of the cards of the same suit and consecutive cards. A person only with the pure sequences is considered a winner. A person who has formed impure sequences with joker or only low ranking cards is not considered a winner even if the player has completed the game earliest. A person may form a sequence of different suites of the same ranking. For e.g. Spade 10, Diamond 10, and Heart 10, but he is not considered winner. Joker is used as a replacement for any card, but the person is not considered the winner of the game. 

About the drop off rules in the rummy

The Drop off rules applies to the players who think that they cannot win the game and wish to reduce the penalty. A person who is not interested to play the game can leave the game. But, he or she should follow some rules while leaving. If the leave the game simply without picking any card from the stock of cards, then they are given 20 point penalty. If a person wants to leave the game only after completing the first turn, then they are provided with 40 penalty points. In the game, ranks such as ace, king, queen, and jack are provided with 10 points. The joker is given 0 points in the game. The numbered cards have the relevant point for the number of cards. For e.g. If you have 6 diamonds altogether, then the points are 6. 

The Ace card is used as the highest ranking card usually. But if you use it as Ace-2- 3, then ace becomes a low ranked card

You should know the how to play rummy game if you want to play at all. You can play this rummy game with your friends, relatives etc. You can play maximum with 5 people. 

To form sequences, you should use logical skills and try to form high-ranked sequences. You should the card you should retain and the card you should discard at every step. 


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