7 Best ID websites (Our top picks in 2021)

ID websites

You have probably reached our page after navigating through hundreds of websites online to find out which are the best ID websites. Knowing which website you should trust, how much you should pay and what kind of quality you can accept from your ID purchase can be overwhelming.

However, a fake ID is part of the growing up experience for some users. Having one can prove to be very helpful, from buying alcohol if you get through the security routine to even getting into town’s hottest club.

Additionally, you will find many scam websites that greedy individuals have created to steal your hard-earned money. However, they might promise you a fantastic looking product. But you have to know that there will be a scam behind every excellent product.

That is why we vetted hundreds of reviews and used our experience to bring up the list of best ID websites that provide novelty identification.

1. Topfakeid.com

Topfakeid.com is the living legend in creating fake IDs. Operating for over ten years, the company is known for flooding US campuses with literally hundreds of IDs per week. The best thing is that it features in countless news reports.

However, you will find a lot of different websites which look like this website. But you have to make sure that you are using the real Topfakeid.com.

2. LitFakes.com

With the most competitive pricing, LitFakes outperforms all the other websites mentioned in the article. Operating since 2015, the website has become the largest selection of the United States.

3. 5thFloorDMV.com

5thFloorDMV.com is another one of the best Id websites curated in this list. The website is well known as a Chinese Fake ID seller with vital customer service and speed.

4. DesertFoxIDs.com

Located in the United States of America, DeserFoxIDs.com is one of the only Fake ID sellers that guarantees a quick delivery to customers living across the country.

5. ID Viking

ID Viking is known for making novelty licenses, diplomas, certificates, and even creating realistic fake driver’s licenses. More than delivering Fake IDs to the people in the United States, the website also provides fake ID cards for Russian and European clients.

6. ID Chief

ID Chief creates very real fake ID cards and has different ways of protecting itself from the illegal nature. The website influences all their customers to read their legal page. So everyone will be informed when buying a fake identification card is not breaking any laws, especially underage drinking among teens.

7. OldIronSidesFakes

There is a disclaimer on this website that they only create ID cards for college students who like to go clubbing but do not necessarily drink alcohol. This shows that what they are offering is not within the legal boundaries.

The exclusivity about the website is that they only make New York driver’s licenses to ensure the quality of their work. Therefore, you can’t get any type of ID from them unless you live in the city.

How to find a trusted fake ID seller online?

Online fraud has affected the World wide web. Criminals are finding many different ways to duplicate all originality. Therefore, you have to make sure that out of ten fraudulent providers on the internet, you are only seeing one trusted fake ID provider.

You have to be careful if you are looking to buy a fake ID because it will always be a scam on the internet. We will not recommend you do it all. But still, if you want to do that, you have to make sure that you are not paying for one with Bitcoin or other anonymous payment options.

Moreover, you also have to ensure that the website from which you are buying a fake ID has an active SSL certificate. You will find many fake websites, or you could sometimes buy a terrible quality ID that won’t pass at the liquor store.

So we will recommend you go through their online reviews and check as well if they have correct contact details to make an informed decision.

Wrapping up

So here is the list of best ID websites where you can buy a false document that not only looks legitimate but will also work at your favourite venues and will arrive promptly. Now, make your choice and have a fake ID sitting back at your home.


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