How to Tie a Shirt to Explore Multiple Styling Options?

How to tie a shirt with a hair tie

Today’s article is all about how to tie a shirt to give you new ideas to style yourself.

It is no secret that how your look will turn out entirely on how you style yourself. You might like to wear simple clothes, but you also want to try something different at some point.

So, it would help if you had some ideas to apply to do it better! This is why this article about how to tie a shirt will help you.

Just because some clothes don’t feel right to wear anymore doesn’t mean you have to throw them away.

There’s always room for improvisation. So if you know the right tricks and how to make them useful, consider your problem solved.

Think of the scenario where you have to wear a shirt that is not a good fit. Generally, you are going to be quite upset about it. But in case you know how to tie a shirt, you would look great.

When we say you need to tie up your shirt differently, we mean you can choose whichever technique you like. This is absolutely up to you how you are going to experiment with your shirt.

How to tie a shirt?

Here are some ways to tie a shirt:

Basic and classic

First, we are going to tell you the simplest way of how to tie a shirt. You can start by making a knot in just the center of your waistline.

People normally do some experimenting at this point by altering the location of this knot. There are so many options for you to decide which clothes and accessories suit you the most.

Try a shirt which is much bigger than your regular size. Keep in mind that the bigger shirts tend to have more space to tangle, and therefore the knot becomes handier.

You can also tangle the shirt like a rabbit’s ear upside down. It’s also quite easy, just like you do with your shoes. Customize the tightness according to your choice or whatever you are comfortable with.

2. Bun style

Next comes the process where you make a bun, you normally do with your hair. Use your thumb and index finger and remember how you create a bun. Again adjust the tightness and roll up the tail if you want.

It is not written anywhere that you must tangle the shirt only at the front side. You can also twist it on your back. Gather around the loose areas from the front side of your shirt and bring them towards your back.

Tie a nice knot like a bun, and it would seem even more perfect than it was before.

How to tie a shirt with a hair tie

3. Wrap it up

One other interesting technique we are going to tell you goes well with high waist jeans. Wrap the lower end of the shirt under your bra. Go on like this until you are satisfied with your look.

It might kill some of your time. But if you do the procedure right, it is worth doing.

Next, tangle the remaining part of the shirt on your front side. Make a bun or as you are comfortable. Wrap the tangled part inside, and you are good to go.

How to tie a shirt with a hair tie

How to tie a shirt in the front?

You are reading about how to tie a shirt using different techniques. A shirt can be simple, but the moment you start to experiment with it, that’s an entirely different story.

In this article, we suggest several techniques on how to tie a shirt. But which style suits you the most you have to decide that.

Below we are going to tell you how to tie a shirt in the front. Start reading and become a pro in tying a knot.

Pull together the excessive clothes of the shirt using your hand and bring them to your side or in the center. That’s entirely up to you where you want that knot to be formed.

Then start wiggling the pulled-together part till it becomes like a leash. A secure knot has to be created at this point. Do it just like we generally tie a knot, and no need to give any extra effort.

Check the tightness after the knot has been perfectly formed.

We all want to discover new techniques as time progresses. The meaning of fashion is constantly changing, and if you don’t want to leave your comfort zone, that could be catastrophic. So that’s why you need to learn new things every day.

It’s impossible to remain in touch with your tailor all the time. So you have to do something about it by yourself. By now, you have got to know some unique ideas about how to tie a shirt.

But one more important thing is yet to discuss with you. So keep reading to find out. Once you are finished reading, no other techniques will remain unknown to you.

How to tie a shirt with a hair tie?

How to tie a shirt so that it enhances your fashion sense and also adds an extra cuteness? Well, there are many ways to do it. If you already have a full idea about it, there are so many options you have.

You might wonder that even if you know what to wear with an oversized shirt, you’re not so sure about what you wear. There are plenty of options if that’s what your problem is.

Be it high waist jeans or a low waist one, you cannot do anything good without knowing the right technique. It doesn’t matter what you will team up with if you know what you are doing.

In this section, we will teach you how to tie a shirt with a hair tie. Until now, we have only talked about how to tie a shirt with bare hands. But this is not always possible for all.

Some people love to tie a shirt with the help of a hair tie. They think it is easier that way. So let’s see how it’s done normally.

First, you need to use your index finger and thumb to create an O-like formation. Move the hand underneath your shirt and secure this O-like formation to avoid making it loose.

Then take a hair tie and tuck it around the fabric properly.

Tips to tie a shirt

So till now, this article about how to tie a shirt was all about managing the shirts without buttons.

Back in the days, buttonless shirts were trending, and these days we prefer to wear crop tops to show some skin.

In case you are a traditionalist, this article can change your mind.

1. Buttons-up shirts and button-down shirts

But first, before going into the main topic, let us talk about something else. You know that people constantly talk about button-down shirts and button-up shirts. But many cannot figure out from which aspects they are different.

So first thing first. The answer is yes; they are both different.

The shirts with buttons at the front side of the shirt are generally called button-up shirts. But those that have buttons on the caller area are known as button-down shirts.

Have you ever wondered why they felt the need to create buttons in the caller area? This was originally invented for those who regularly played polo back in the day by mounting horses. This way, those shirts couldn’t get in the form of riding a horse.

But the most important thing is that the polo shirts and button-down shirts are not the same. So don’t think of them as the same. This shirt thing is more complicated than you thought they were.

How to tie a shirt with a hair tie

So from here on, this thing would get even more complicated.  Most of the time, a button-down shirt is a button-up shirt. They are the same.

But this theory doesn’t work the other way around. Not every button-up shirt is a button-down one. Sometimes, a shirt has buttons in the upfront and has a button on the caller area.

So basically, these are the essential details you need to know before you dive into the knot tying thing. Now that you are aware of that, we will talk about how to tie a button-up shirt.

When it comes to button-up shirts, they are unbeatable in every aspect. They were trends back in the day and even now. These shirts are the must-have ones in every woman’s collection.

But why are they so popular? That’s because their usage is not limited and can be used for multiple purposes. You can team them up with all kinds of accessories.

Those shirts could become your best friend while you desperately need to wear something comfortable yet stylish. From a sudden meeting to a planned party, they are always there to change your appearance.

2. Choose from the mens’ area

Just because you are a lady doesn’t mean you cannot purchase any item from the male section.

The funny part is most of the button-up shirts are generally for males. So break the taboo and get into their shopping area to find the perfect shirt for you.

In case you need the shirt to fit your body properly, go for a small size shirt. But you might also think of buying a big one. You can be more creative that way.

If your shirt is big enough, no need to close the buttons. Let them remain open in a well-fitted outfit. You can also team them up with any other classic outfit.

3. Go beyond the bohemian style

Most people tend to comprehend that a button-up shirt can only add a hint of bohemian style to your looks. But actually, it is not true. Previously we said that button-up shirts have multiple purposes, and we stand by that.

First of all, select that kind of button-up shirt that is slack enough for you. Then team it up with your favorite vividly colored skirt. Wrap the shirt near your waist and smoothen it with your hands.

At this point, you can try something different and new with your looks. Try different hairstyles or think about what you can do more to enhance the look.

4. Remain within the boundaries

If you like the boundaries, why should you get out of it? If you prefer the traditional look that comes with wearing button-up shirts, you should go for it. No need to do experiments while you are a fan of the classics.

So, in that case, what should you do? Pick up a white button-up shirt that is slightly loose. Wear it with mild jeans and show the world your abrupt look.

5. Play with the collar

Whenever you want to wear a button-up shirt, no need to worry about what to do with the collar. Don’t forget that an extraordinary collar can give you a complete makeover.

Avoid the longer sleeves and choose the shorter ones. Team it up with a sandal, and high waist jeans should be your preference.

6. Tying the knot

Some people freak out at the thought of wearing a button-up shirt. That’s because they fear losing their shape. But in case you tie up the front side, that should cause no problem at all.

In this case, close up the first few buttons but open the remaining buttons and tangle them.a

Final thoughts

So you see that there is no scarcity of options when you need to know how to tie a shirt. Once you decide that you need to do it, you have to make some difficult choices.

Here’s hoping that this particular article has been able to win you over. Don’t hesitate to give us feedback.


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