Local SEO for Plumbers in Chicago

SEO for Plumbers

Is your plumbing business ranking high on Google? Nowadays, plumbers compete to occupy the top listing to attract local customers. This blog will be telling you about Local SEO for Plumbers in Chicago.

SEO specialists are able to assist plumbers in Chicago to reach the top of local search rankings. SEO has become a necessity, as almost 97% of individuals search for local companies online instead of using the yellow pages. Nearly half of all mobile searches are followed by a phone call or a visit. 

Read more about local SEO for plumbing companies in Chicago. 

Keyword selection

Local SEO can be of crucial importance to plumbers in Chicago. Therefore, keyword selection has to be relevant to the plumbing services offered by such businesses. For instance, some of the keywords describing these services include “blocked drain,” “water heater replacement,” “emergency plumbing,” etc. 

After the creation of a list of keywords, plumbing businesses should open a Google AdWords account, which provides access to the Keyword Planner tool free of charge. This tool helps users generate more ideas after entering a list of search terms. Two keyword categories are used for doing searches, signaling hiring intent or research intent. 

Keywords with hiring intent are used by searchers when they plan to take action. Usually, these searches are followed by a website visit and a call made to the provider. This sales cycle can be completed in a period of one or two minutes. For instance, when individuals look for a “plumber Chicago”, they are likely to take action and contact the professionals from the sites they visit.

Keywords with research intent are used by individuals trying to collect information on the subject of plumbing. These aren’t likely to speed up the sales cycle, as people usually use them to fix a problem. Some examples of research keywords include “how to unclog a drain,” “how to replace a pipe,” etc. Although these are of low priority in SEO campaigns, they may be used as blog topics. While research keywords don’t lead to immediate sales, they increase brand awareness. 

Keyword optimization

After performing the process of selection, plumbing businesses in Chicago should continue with keyword optimization. Such optimization occurs in two areas, the Google My Business page, and website pages. There are numerous SEO consultants, like chicagoseoscholar.com, with a long experience record in local SEO. These consultants can assist you in setting up a Google My Business page for your plumbing business. 


The goal of plumbing companies is to be displayed in the maps section, which is essential for increasing the visibility of a company. SEO experts can get your plumbing business displayed within this section within a thirty-day period. It’s important for your business page to be claimed and verified. You should use your address, phone number, and official business name on all web pages.

The business address of a plumbing company has to be provided accurately in the Maps section for customers to find it easily. Also, using a local phone number proves to your customers and Google that your plumbing business is local. The business description section is supposed to include your qualifications, services, experience, and call to action. It should be brief, between 100 and 200 words. 

There should be no difference in operation hours posted on your site and those posted on your Google my Business Page. In case you offer emergency services not included in your regular hours, this information should be listed separately. See this page for some useful advice on writing a business description. 

Website optimization

Website optimization is another vital aspect of local SEO for plumbing companies in Chicago. Both the homepage and service pages on the site should be optimized. For example, the homepage can be optimized with two elements, a title tag, and a Meta description. The former is listed after the website’s domain name and should include the location and business name. It should be no longer than 65 words. 

The latter is featured underneath the headline and should provide useful information about the company to attract the attention of prospects. The Meta description shouldn’t be longer than 150 characters. SEO experts will make sure all service pages are optimized in order for a separate webpage to be dedicated to each service. 

For example, plumbers in Chicago offering drain cleaning and sewer cleaning services should have a separate page created for every service, featuring a text between 500 and 1000 words long. Service pages should feature service-related keywords, as well as title tags and Meta descriptions that describe the plumbing service. 

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are vital in improving the SEO efforts of plumbing companies in Chicago. The main focus should be placed on Google My Business Reviews, as customers will see these first. Positive reviews can improve your rank and persuade customers that you are the best plumbing company in town. 

Earning great reviews is possible by providing excellent service and asking clients to review your company after using your services. Emailing review requests to satisfied clients to lead them to your review section is the easiest way to get testimonials. The emails sent to clients should ask them for feedback by sparing a couple of minutes from their precious time. 

Result tracking

Tracking results is incredibly important in SEO campaigns as long as it tracks three essential metrics, rankings, traffic, and conversions. By tracking your page rankings once to twice monthly, SEO experts will track your keyword performance and the number of people clicking through the site

The next aspect is tracking the traffic driven to the site and its source. This metric should be tracked every month to identify long-term trends and the space for improvement. In contrast, conversions refer to the specific actions customers wish to take while on your site. In the case of plumbers, the specific action they wish clients to take is a service call. Check out the following explanation of website traffic monitoring. 

In conclusion 

Chicago plumbers need to consider investing in local SEO. 

It’s the only way to stay competitive!


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