How to Use a Reed Diffuser

reed diffusers

Reed diffusers are usually composed of a small bottle, scented oil, and reed sticks. The oils come in many different scents and the bottles are usually simply designed, which makes them fit into any space and match another decor. As a bonus, they are less likely to cause a fire than candles and can be used 24/7.

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Set Up

Learning how to use a reed diffuser is simple. To set it up, all it takes are three steps. First, pick out the bottle you want to use. It should be about as tall as a small vase, but bottles that are slightly taller or shorter will also work. What is most important is that the opening of the bottle is somewhat narrow. This will help the oils to evaporate slower, which will leave your home smelling great for longer.

Next, put your oil of choice into the bottle. There is no limit to the number of scents you can choose from. However, it is best not to mix scents; use one scent per bottle at a time. Rinse out the bottles before you switch to a new scent.

Finally, put the reeds into the bottle. It does not matter which end you put into the bottle. Using five or six should suffice. Try to spread them out so that they form a small circle. This will help to spread the fragrance around the room.

Over time, the oil in the bottle will naturally decrease due to evaporation. When the bottle is empty, dispose of the old reeds, rinse out the bottle, and repeat the process!

Safety Tips

Diffuser scents smell great to humans, but some scents are harmful to pets, namely cats and dogs. Make sure to check if the scent is safe or not before you use it. If the scent is harmful to your pet, they may experience breathing problems. tremors, itchiness, vomiting, and fatigue. Some scents pet owners should avoid include citrus, mint, tea tree, clove, thyme, juniper, yarrow, garlic, ylang ylang, clove, eucalyptus, oregano, and lavender.

Never light a fire near your diffuser. Some oils have alcohol in them, which is flammable. Keep your diffuser away from candles or anything that could create sparks. It is best to keep diffusers on a table or another elevated flat surface.

Keep diffusers away from small children. Diffusers smell great, which might make young children and toddlers think they will taste great. Needless to say, no diffuser oil should be tasted. If your child consumes diffuser oil, call the poison control center at 1(800) 222-1222.

All of that aside, diffusers are generally safe to use and they smell wonderful. They are much safer than candles and they can dispel scents at all hours of the day. Put your favorite scent next to your entryway to give guests a delightful smell as they enter your home. Keeping a diffuser in your bathroom can help to keep it feeling fresh and reduce the need for using air fresheners. As a bonus tip, try keeping fresh-smelling diffusers in walk-in closets to keep your clothes smelling fresher!


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