Everything you need to know about Angel Number

about Angel Number

Sometimes in life, you feel that the world is against you and that everything you do isn’t working anymore. These events sometimes result in you breaking down and losing your hope to move forward. Then suddenly, you encounter a series of numbers wherever you go; buckle up because great things will happen in your life. This blog will tell you about Everything you need to know about Angel Number.

According to trustedpsychicmediums.com, angel number has tremendous relevance to your life and current situation. So, it is essential to know the connection of these series of numbers you keep on encountering frequently.

To know everything about angel numbers, continue reading.

The History of Angel Number

Angel number started with Numerology that Pythagoras developed in the year 570 B.C. Pythagoras was born in Greece. He was a well-known philosopher, a teacher, and a mathematician. The development of Numerology started when he noticed that almost everything happening in the universe has its relation to numbers. For instance, each digit has a unique code representing its color, frequency, and vibration. 

So the question now is how Numerology has its relevance to angel numbers? Since Pythagoras is the father of Western Numerology, he believes that everything happening in the world right now can be translated by mathematics. 

Like in Numerology, when numbers are placed by themselves, they will have their unique meaning and definition. Therefore, it only shows that the term “Angel Number” is the one that was represented to the new age.

How do you see Angel Number?

Basically, you will encounter angel numbers if you are going through something negative in your life. Angel number represents a divine message that your guardian wants to send to you. Generally, all series of numbers bring positive messages, and they will only differ depending on what you need or your current situation right now.  For example angel number 1111 suggests that amazing new opportunities are coming your way. So consider yourself lucky if you will encounter angel numbers.

Is Angel Number real?

To answer this question, many have already testified that angel numbers have been a great help in making their lives better. And this has been used and becoming more popular to many for centuries already.

We have to accept that there are still a lot of phenomena in this world that can’t be explained. That is why numerologists have spent most of their lives studying angel numbers and how it affects our daily living.

To wrap up this part, if the evidence is present and testified by those who believe in angel numbers, then it means the divine guardians are undoubtedly genuine. Sometimes you just need to be open and trust your intuitions.

Where can you encounter angel numbers?

One unique characteristic of angel numbers is that they will keep on showing almost everywhere. It can be from your dreams, billboard, clock, wall, hotel room number, price of something you buy from the store, and a lot more. So, if you are reading this, make sure to make your eyes sharper on everything you see around you so that you won’t miss the angel number.

What is the spiritual meaning of angel numbers?

The spiritual meaning of angel numbers is a link between humans/physical to spiritual authorities. It means our actions, situations, and even the things running in our minds are seen by our celestial guardians, archangels, and other spiritual authorities. 

Since they can’t communicate directly to us, just like any other human beings, they use angel numbers to tell us that we aren’t alone in our journey. They want to tell us that they are there to guide us towards the success and happiness we want to have and experience. 

What does it mean if you keep seeing different angel numbers?

Seeing different angel numbers at the same or current situation in your life means you are blessed by heaven. It rarely happens, but if you do, you are lucky enough because your guardian wants to give you multiple positive messages that can significantly impact your life. 

You have to know that angel numbers can also see your future; that’s why they know if you are moving on the right path. If you keep encountering different sets of angel numbers, there can be tremendous abundance and happiness waiting for you, and you just have to keep moving forward.

What will happen if you ignore Angel Number?

Angel number works by showing you the same set of numbers wherever you will go. And it won’t stop until you have received its message. However, if you decide to ignore it, there’s a big chance that your celestial guardians will stop sending you these divine messages. So, as much as possible, try to acknowledge these messages and appreciate your guardian angels.

You have to know that the more you accept and absorb these divine messages, you will have a better and stronger connection with your angels. So it means the more you keep a blind eye about the presence of angel numbers, the weaker your link to spiritual authorities becomes.

Is Angel Number related to Bible?

Frankly, the bible never mentioned the angel number, but according to Numerology, the triple sequences of numbers relate to the nine archangels. Some of these archangels are Michael and Gabriel that is part of Christianity. 

However, in the bible, you can see that each number represents its unique message by God. Same with Angel Number, each number has a special meaning and message; the only difference is that it was sent by angels and not by God.

Some Christians also said that the occultists practice angel numbers; however, based on proofs and justifications, angel numbers never created chaos. Therefore, the best thing to do is to respect each other’s beliefs.


It’s not wrong to try believing and accepting the meaning of angel numbers you frequently see around you. Most especially if it has a positive message that will help you make better decisions in life. So the next time you encounter Angel Numbers, try to apply their meanings in your life and see if it will make a difference.


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