Ten Cool Ways to Weather-Proof Your Outdoor Living Space

Weather-Proof Your Outdoor Space

Fancy coming home exhausted from a long day at work stuck in the office without exposure to the fresh cool air outside, only having to spend your evening indoors once again at home. Perhaps it never crossed your mind before, but did you know that you can turn your outdoor living space into a magical retreat? Continue reading this blog to know ten cool ways to weather-proof your outdoor living space.

The reality is that most people are making the best of their outdoor living space today. What they’re doing is investing a little in weather-proofing furniture and all sorts of other fancy outdoor things. Making some outdoor adjustments to increase your leisure time at home may be the best thing you could do for yourself and your family.  

Outdoor Living Space

  • Umbrellas & Hot Tubs

Whether you have a patio, a backyard, or a garden, it is possible to weather-proof your outside living space. You can spruce it up to enjoy maximum time outdoors. One of these cool ways is to have an umbrella and enjoy a cafe-style look outside while being protected from the Australian sun. Hence, better find a company that makes Australian made umbrellas because they definitely understand how to get protected from the scorching sun in Australia.  

Hot tubs outside are also growing in popularity and come in all sizes and shapes too. Imagine having a lovely soak outside in the garden or patio after a long day. You don’t have to be rich and famous anymore to have a hot tub in your backyard, garden, or patio. Sitting out in the comfort of nature, getting some fresh air, and enjoying a hot tub soak is liberating and offers you a chance to recharge your batteries.  

  • Patio Roofs

Erecting a patio roof will allow you to stay outside longer in the evenings. Throw in an outside led light and some comfy outdoor furniture with soft cushions, and, voila, you have an outside lounge where you can watch television, play games, grill your dinner, and enjoy long sundowners with a couple of friends that extend into the night. 

You could opt for a Polycarbonated patio roof or colorbond roofing as an example. Polycarbonates are tough, durable, and lightweight all at the same time. They are also heat resistant and allow your patios to stay cool in the summer. They also allow for natural light to pass through, as they have a glass-like appearance. 

Colorbond steel also offers great patio roofing material. It’s tough, durable, and easy to maintain. Lastly, colorbond steel is an environmentally friendly choice, which is why it is growing in popularity in Australia as an outdoor solution.

  • Firepits and Outdoor Fireplaces

Why not cosy up to an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or outdoor heater in winter? This will keep you outdoors longer and is ideal for both winter days and winter nights. You can also create a romantic party for two outside by the fireplace. Just add some personal touches like candles, music, flowers, and, of course, a menu to die for. 

There is a whole range of designs and options available in the market today. Choose one that will match your outside living decor and preferences. You could opt for a built-in outdoor fireplace or a portable one. The point is you will stay warm outside and enjoy the natural vibe of being toasty in front of a fire. 

  • Weather-proof Furniture

Make sure you purchase furniture that is weather-resistant for your patio. Ideally, it should be made with materials that provide for outdoor durability. For example, polyresin wicker is a popular choice these days and offers long-term durability throughout all seasons. 

You can always spruce it up with soft cushions and other beautiful little knick-knacks to make it comfortable and cosy. Use easy-to-remove furniture cushions if you may need to store them during bad weather spells or if you don’t have a patio roof installed as yet. 

  • An Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor grill is a great way to enjoy all your efforts to spruce up and weather-proof your outdoor living space. A home-cooked meal outside may be a real treat for family and friends to enjoy. Experimenting with new recipes for outdoor cooking will keep you outside longer, too, while enjoying your little investment in weather-proofing.  

If you have the luxury of a much larger outdoor living space available, you could invest in a fully custom-made outdoor kitchen. You could throw in a pizza oven, stove burner, and even wine storage while stocking up on the equipment, cutlery, and dishware that are ideal for outside dining. 

  • The Old Fashioned Hammock

This idea is still a thrill and an old-time favourite. Fixing a hammock outside is still a great way to enjoy summer or winter in your backyard. The hammock is a classic idea of weather-proofing your comfort in nature. Simple choices are always available if you just use your imagination. These days, though, the hammock has evolved to be water-resistant and easy to clean. So, it’s made to sustain outside weather conditions.   

  • Outdoor Curtains

Adding a splash of fun outdoor curtains can be a functional way of keeping out bugs, strong sunlight, wind, and other external elements. It may even prevent allergic reactions when out in nature. Accessorizing your outdoor living space can be a wonderful new way of adding stylish decor while providing a beautiful layer of weather-proofing. 

  • Furniture Protection

If you want to take your weather-proofing to a new level, you can invest in protective furniture covers that add durability and panache. Cover your cushions, couches, and just about anything with fancy protective material to ensure that wear and tear are lessened to some degree. Remember that sunlight and rain can damage your outside furniture, so covering them up with a durable fabric will extend their lifespan in the long run.

  • Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are super special these days. Most of them are water-resistant and are made from synthetic fibres or plastic. This makes outdoor rugs more durable for outdoor living. They are easy to clean and also add a nice finishing touch to your outside living space. They are also mildew resistant, so you can clean your outdoor rugs by simply hosing them down with water. 

Maybe throw a few outdoor rugs by the pool area and add some soft plush outside lounging furniture. 

  • An Outdoor Bar 

Now we all know that an outdoor bar can turn your backyard into a new experience altogether. Whether you enjoy cocktail parties or healthy smoothies, a bar area brings to life a new character to outdoor living. 

Weather-proofing your outdoor bar is just as important when considering erecting one. For example, choose weather-proof materials such as waterproof wood and paint. You could also use a wood sealer on your bar and other outside furniture, which will protect it from moisture too. 


If anything, lockdown during the current Coronavirus pandemic has given us more reason to appreciate our homes and outside living space. Start small and work your way up when creating the perfect outdoor retreat for yourself and your family. 

Honestly, you don’t need a large budget as long as you work out what you would fancy in your patio or backyard. But just make sure that you put some effort into weather-proofing your outside living space, so everything lasts longer outside.


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