Reasons You Should Buy a Microwave With Rotisserie

Microwave With Rotisserie

A microwave oven with rotisserie is a piece of understated kitchen equipment. I believe that if more people are introduced to this way of cooking, there would be a lot more home cooks who enjoy hassle-free, microwave cooking. This blog will discuss the Reasons You Should Buy a Microwave With Rotisserie.

A rotisserie is a special kind of microwave oven accessory, which lets you cook small-sized  meat such as a chicken, turkey and lamb by sticking them on a spit (a long metal skewer) and the oven rotates them constantly while cooking in convection heat. 

Benefits of A Microwave with Rotisserie

A Rotisserie microwave uses electromagnetic energy to cook your chicken and any kinds of meat, instead of direct fire (like grilling and roasting).

If you’ve only seen rotisserie cookers at the grocery, you get how this kind of microwave works. It follows the same concept, except yours would probably be smaller in size and can only fit 2 whole chickens (instead of multiple chickens per batch).

  • Unlimited rotisserie chicken at home. Of course, if you’re a fan of rotisserie chicken, having a microwave oven that allows you to cook in this style in the comfort of your own home is such a blessing. The cool thing about the rotisserie way of cooking is that it is mostly hands-free. Well, right after you’ve stuck your meat onto the skewers, you’re hands-free until it gets cooked. 
  • Evenly cooked meat ALWAYS. You don’t have to do anything to evenly roast meat or chickens in this kind of oven. The microwave oven or toaster oven with a rotisserie function was designed specifically to cook meat evenly ALWAYS. Because the meat is rotated continuously until it is fully cooked, you wouldn’t have to turn the meat over like how you do it in your burgers, steaks and other types of meat.
  •  Juicy meat (never dried). Contrary to popular belief that microwave ovens or toaster ovens dry up meat more quickly than other cooking methods, using the rotisserie to cook your meat actually ends up softer and juicier. This is because as the meat rotates continuously cooking, it is also continuously basting in its own juices and preventing the meat inside from drying up. 

Special Features of a Microwave Rotisserie

Like other kinds of ovens, those that are designed with rotisserie can also surprise you with advanced functionalities, such as:

  • Grilling feature – If you’ve had a ton of rotisserie chickens in the last week, then switch it up and grill anything you like. Some models come with a removable grilling rack, allowing you to switch the skewers with the rack as you see fit. 
  • Multi-stage cooking – This function ensures your meat is cooked through and through. Some models have this multi-stage cooking preset for you, while others let you control the stages (along with corresponding heat per stage). 
  • Temperature control – Got two chickens that aren’t the same size? Worried about overcooking the other one and undercooking the bigger chicken? With temp control, you could balance the heat and still produce well-cooked rotisserie chickens at the end of the day. 
  • Preset buttons – Some models even have auto-cooking programs, which are ideal for beginner cooks who have no idea what they’re doing, or those who would love to save their recipes in the oven. 
  • Energy-saving mode – The scary thing about special cooking methods like these is that we are unaware of how the method actually is done, so we assume that it probably uses massive amounts of energy. The good news is since this kind of rotisserie still uses convection heat to cook, it powers and heats up less the time of traditional ovens. 
  • Interior LED lighting – This is probably the most satisfying feature of a rotisserie oven since you can actually see the chicken rotating and getting cooked in real-time. It’s also easier to check if your meat is cooking properly, slowly, or too quickly. 
  • Air fry technology – Some rotisserie ovens are also equipped with air fry technology, so if you’re a fan of all the air frying going on around the world, you can join in all the oil-less fun and air-fry everything to your heart’s content. There are hundreds of deep frying and air frying recipes right now that just this function would expand your rotisserie oven’s feature significantly. 

Do note that these functions above are not available in ALL rotisserie ovens, but they do exist on many models. When buying one, make sure to pick and choose the functionality you’d likely use the most so you could be able to maximize your rotisserie oven investment. 

Of course, these ovens with rotisserie come in various sizes/capacities and power output. Residential models usually run for full 1000 watts with about 2 cu.ft capacity. If you have a big household or you’re running a commercial kitchen, there are bigger models to choose from as well. 



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