5 Dupatta Draping Styles to Try With Your Salwar Suit

Dupatta Draping Styles

An embodiment of comfort and elegance, Salwar Suits have a pride of place in every woman’s ethnic wardrobe. Simple, fuss-free, and no-nonsense – this outfit is not only easy to wear but also makes the adorner look absolutely charming. Unlike a saree which takes a lot of time to drape or a heavy lehenga which can be a little tedious to carry around, you can slip on a salwar kameez with complete ease and instantly become the picture of grace! In this blog, you will know about 5 Dupatta draping styles to try with your Salwar Suit.

The best thing about salwar suits is how versatile they are. Just a few tweaks in the way you style it can transform the apparel from ordinary to extraordinary! One way of accomplishing this is to drape your dupatta around your salwar kameez in different ways. If you have never experimented with your dupatta draping styles before, here are five of them that you must try right away!

  1. Around Your Neck

Needless to say, the most popular way of draping a dupatta over your salwar suit is by placing it around your neck. A tried and tested style, ladies have sworn by this simple draping technique for ages. You can wear it forwards or backwards, as a single drape or in a double loop – whichever way you do it, this classic draping style never disappoints.

2. Hung Across Your Elbows

A trend popularised by vintage Bollywood movies, this draping technique is in vogue even today. It involves wrapping the dupatta from around the back and its ends are allowed to fall loosely over your bent elbows. This draping style lends you a dainty appearance and goes perfectly well with trendy salwar suit designs for events like parties and weddings.

3. Pinned to One Shoulder

Placing your dupatta across one shoulder and letting it flow openly over your arm is quite an elegant draping technique. This style works especially well if your dupatta features intricate embroidery and other fancy embellishments that need to be the focus of your ethnic attire. To emphasise the beauty of the dupatta design, it is best paired with a plain salwar kameez.

4. Pinned to Both Shoulders and Spread Open

While the two-shoulder draping style is pretty common, this specific technique involves pinning the dupatta to both the shoulders and letting it fall freely across your torso instead of scrunching it up. Just like the one-shoulder drape, this style is an excellent one to go for if your dupatta boasts fancy designs that deserve to be flaunted.

5. Like a Cape

There is no better way to make a unique statement in salwar suits than by trying out this offbeat dupatta draping style! Instead of the usual traditional draping techniques, this particular one involves pinning the dupatta to both your shoulders from the backside and allowing it to flow freely from behind, like a cape.

So, this is how you can have fun styling your salwar kameez in various ways simply by experimenting with your dupatta drapes. Just like these, styling the latest lehenga designs and sarees is fun too. You can add your own unique twist to make an unforgettable statement. To create an everlasting impression, you must choose the latest salwar suit design that comes with a trendy dupatta.



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