7 Ways to Propose your Love With Cool Gifting Ideas

Cool Gifting Ideas

How can I propose to my girlfriend? This is the most common question that most guys ask out on the internet in various groups. Gone are the days when the proposal was only limited to asking a girl out and giving a ring.

Nowadays people focus more on making that day more special and memorable by planning a lot many things. There are many things one can plan to make the proposal more special. Here we’re sharing some of the best and cool gifting ideas that you can consider to make that day special. 

What would be the most beautiful thing than proposing to your partner on a beach? Here you do not need to shell out a huge amount for the preparation. You can choose your favorite beach and arrange a setup. In the setup, you can consider adding a few candles and flowers.

You can also consider giving preserved roses in a box to your partner on this special day to make this day more memorable. It is also a great idea to draw your line of will you marry me on the sand and put a ring in a seashell. This idea will certainly work like magic for the proposal. 

  • Go on hills for the proposal.

Apart from your favorite beach, you can also consider taking your partner to her favorite hill station, which offers a breathtaking view. You can plan to propose to your partner at the top of the hill. Both of you can go hiking that offers a beautiful view.

You can also consider enjoying the hot air balloon. A hot air balloon would be the best place to pop up your proposal question. Clicking some of the romantic pictures in a hot air balloon of your proposal will undoubtedly make your day special. 

  • Create a proposal book

Creating a proposal book is also a great idea to reveal your proposal line. There are various online as well as offline service providers that let you design your proposal book. Here you can customize each page by including your favorite photos and memories. You can share the journey right from the first page and at the end mention your proposal question will you marry me. This book will be a good memory for your proposal, and you keep it with you all the time. 

  • Get your dog along.

If your partner is an animal lover, make sure also to involve your dog on this occasion. Make sure that your dog starts as a starting role in the proposal. Here you can hang a board or a plate of will you marry me around your dog’s neck. You can also attach a ring to your dog’s collar. For this, you can plan a weekend gateway along with your dog. Whenever your partner calls your dog in the room, make sure you send your dog in the room with all of these preparations. 

  • Make it a family affair.

Nothing can turn out to be better than arranging with a family. If you are not good with any romantic proposal kind of thing, you can certainly take help from your family. You can arrange your friends and family members on the proposal site and ask them to stay hidden. They all will surprise your partner with balloons and champagne once you pop out the question. Your partner would be certainly delighted to see your loved ones making such efforts and sharing good memories with both of you. 

  • Surprise with a home video

If you are confused about what to do for the best proposal, then here is a thing. You can create a video with some of your favorite pictures of you and your partner. You can also add favorite background music or a favorite song. Make sure to conclude the video with your photo and ask if you will marry me. Your partner certainly will be in tears. 

  • Spell it out to her

If you are afraid of asking your partner, you can certainly take the help of visuals to do the job. You can arrange the rose petals in a heart shape and spell will you marry me in the side of it in the bedroom. You can also sprinkle the rose petals in front of the bedroom to add a more feel to it. 



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