What Is An 8×8 Step and Repeat Banner?

8x8 Step

We’ve all seen those backdrops on a red carpet or any special events, and they always catch our attention without any doubt. We always see all kinds of different brands plastered on these backdrops, and we never stop to think about how they were made. How were those logos put on the backdrops?

Let’s explain it a little bit. These backdrops that we see so often are more known as step and repeat banners. They are made for any public event where people need to get their pictures taken in front.

When you look at one banner, you can see that there is a repeating pattern of one or more brands. 

But, it is always important to know which type of banner should be used for different occasions. A few of the most common types are paper, vinyl, canvas. That is the material that is used to have the logos of the brands printed on it.

Different materials react differently to flashlights and photography. So whenever there comes a time when a banner like this should be used, you need to know which material is the best option.

You need to know where the event’s location is being held and what kind of photography is going to be used. All of these things are essential to know before making a banner.

A vinyl banner is probably the most economical choice. It is the most durable, and it shows vibrant colors. When it comes to photographs, they usually come out well when vibrant colors are on the banner. 

A canvas can be seen mostly at events where there is an art exhibition going on. This material is mostly stretchy without showing any signs of cracking. If you want to know more about it, follow the link https://blog.printleaf.com/vinyl-or-fabric-what-is-the-best-banner-printing-material/.

The material of the banner

The material of the banner is not the only thing that you need to consider when making it. That is only one small part out of many. 

Depending on how big the event is, you should decide if you want the banner to be on the larger side or not. It wouldn’t look good if you had a small banner if the event was, let’s say, a red carpet event. It is essential to always have the banner on the side where all the guests will be coming and getting photographed. 

Another thing to always have intact is the size of the logo. You want to have the logo stand out, of course. That is the whole point of the banner. If you want it to look presentable, you should always leave the same space between the logos. If they are too close to each other, it will look like someone just slapped them on. 

It is always important to get the logos to match the theme of the event. You don’t want to have colorful logos, and the theme is white and black. If you have more than one logo on the banner, you should always have them in a neutral color. That way, they will all stand out the same. 

You need to have the right equipment for the banners to stand on. You don’t want to have a banner fall out in the middle of an event. You have to get something solid and sturdy that will hold on to them for the whole night. 

Many things need to be prepared and thought of before the process of making the banners begins. That way, you will know that everything will match and will be secure for the night. If you want to know more about it, check this page out.

You should always have your idea ready before you start that process. When you have the idea that you want in your head, you will have to find someone to execute it for you. There are many companies that do this for a living. 

We shouldn’t even be surprised since we see these types of banners all the time for different events.

No matter what type of design you want or the size you need, they will always provide what you need. It is best to constantly communicate with the company who is making them and then you know you won’t have any problems. Even if we see all kinds of banners, the most common ones are step and repeat banner stand 8×8, which you have seen without even realizing it.

Most banners made are custom pieces that the customer wants. It is very rare that someone just brings their own banner like it is. The 8×8 step is probably the one that we see out the most. It is most suitable for all people no matter their size and height. Always consider what your clients look like and what will suit them the most.


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