4 Great Apps for Remote Workers

Apps for Remote Workers

Remote working comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages over conventional office working. To start with, the advantages are that it means employees can work from anywhere, and businesses can hire talent no matter where in the world they are located – thanks to remote working, companies can go global without having to invest large sums of money in building up their infrastructure. We’ve seen how IT Support for Small Business Owners has increased in the past year because of this. Other advantages include flexibility – if their employers permit it, workers can choose their hours to best fit their routine and productivity habits; so people may prefer to work late, whereas others may prefer getting to work very early. We’ve seen how this is true when looking at SharePoint Consultant Services which need to be monitored and regulated. Then of course, there are advantages such as not having to commute to work and having more time at home or with friends and family.

But there are also some disadvantages to home working. For example, some may find it difficult striking a balance between work and personal lives when they are doing both in their home. Some people may feel particularly isolated when working from home, or perhaps like they don’t have enough variety in their lives. One of the best ways to keep remote employees engaged and content with communication is by using a workforce mobility solution.

The following are 5 applications/apps for remote workers that you can use to help with the challenges of working from home:


This is a simple app for macOS, Windows, and Linux, which reminds you to get up and take breaks from your desktop or laptop. There are 20 second mini breaks every 10 minutes, and there are 5 minute long breaks every 30 minutes – but you can also customize the length of the breaks and how often they come around. We’ve seen an increase in certain sectors that use this kind of technology – when it comes to IT Support for Solicitors and similar industries, this kind of tech is great! 

This is a good way of breaking up your work and encouraging you to get up and stretch your legs.


This is the perfect app for anyone that feels like they’re not getting enough exercise. The app provides 7-minute workout challenges. There are around 200 workouts to choose from, and it is the perfect way to stay active throughout the day. If you use it in combination with the previous app, Stretchly, you could be getting more exercise at work than you ever did before!

Aloe Bud

This app is similar to Stretchly but with many more features. If you’re the kind of person that often forgets to eat or take regular drinks of water, this app will help you develop a routine. But it’s not just limited to that, you can also add prompts to have a chat with a friend, read a book, or listen to a song.


There are many different to-do applications out there, and they can all be very useful; however, Simplish may be the only to-do app that is designed according to positive psychology. The app is designed to make you more positive, by using mood boosting color schemes and a simple yet pleasing layout.


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