Should I Move Myself or Hire a Mover?

Hire a Mover

One of the most hectic jobs is to move, whether it is home shifting or something related to the office. Most people think that they can do this independently, but it is not as easy as it looks. But nowadays you can make this task very easy by hiring full-service movers, but surely for that, you have to look at your budget. The decision of moving by yourself or hiring a mover not only depends on your budget, but many factors stick to this. Should I Move Myself or Hire a Mover? If you wonder what those factors are, keep reading this article; you will get them in the following section.

Different types of move 

It all depends on your priority that what you want. Do you want to save your money? Or do you want your work to be done more conveniently? Mainly based on these criteria nowadays following types of mover criteria are available.

  • Do it yourself (DIY) move
  • Full-service move
  • Hybrid move 

The whole picture

Remember one thing before taking any decision regarding moving. Every move is different because every person has a unique requirement. For example, if a student wants to move somewhere from a dorm and a family of five to six people wants to move their house. Both scenarios are different because maybe that student may not have a lot of stuff to move, so most probably he can easily do it on his own, and for sure that family is most likely to have enough shifting stuff. Therefore, the most suitable option is to hire full-service movers. 

But if we talk about one size fits most answers, then the most convenient way is to hire full-service movers.

The DIY move

If you are thinking about hiring a moving truck through which you move on your own, this will save your budget compared to hiring a full-service move. But if you are assuming a significant costing difference between these two moves, you are wrong because there are numerous things that you have to manage on your own if you consider moving by yourself. Some of them are listed below.

  • Truck rental cost

If you consider moving by yourself, then definitely you will have to hire the truck on rent. There are many policies which you have to look after while renting a truck. We have found that there are different moving rates for local and long-distance moves. On average, for local moves, it can cost you around $120 to $200, and for long-distance, it can cost between $1500 to $2500.

Remember that in the charges mentioned above, the fuel charges are not included; you have to fill the truck gas tank in your budget. On average, these movers’ trucks give mileage around 9-15 miles per gallon. So, you must fill the truck’s gas tank maybe a couple of times depending upon how long the distance you have to travel.  

  • Non-monetary cost 

If you are considering traveling on your own, then it must require a significant time investment. You have to do a lot of things on your own, for example 

  • You have to pack everything by yourself and carefully load it to the truck.
  • You also have to drive that rental truck to your new destination.
  • On your own, you have to unload the truck.
  • You have to fill the truck’s gas tank.
  • After completing your move, you have to return the truck to the vendor.
  • You have to unpack all your stuff.

In addition to that, your daily work will be compromised because you will not be able to give sufficient time to your office. You can also suffer from stress during this move because there are several other problems you might face, such as where can you find a gas station that can accommodate a huge moving truck? How will you arrange all the stuff in the truck? Most of the people have zero experience in moving. Therefore, it will be very challenging for those to face all these problems.

The full-service move

This is the most convenient option, which takes away much of the stress of moving. There are many full-service moving companies which take care of your whole moving for you. From packing to loading, transport, unloading, and unpacking, these all procedures are efficiently done by the full-service movers.

How much does full-service moving cost?

The rates can widely vary from company to company, and it also depends upon the distance you will travel. As compared to DIY move, full-service moving is expensive, but by hiring full-service companies, you really do get what you pay for. On average, we’ve found the cost between $500-$2000 for local moves and $2000-$7000 for long-distance moves.

Pros of hiring full-service move

  • You won’t have to lift heavy objects 

Companies providing this moving facility have trained professionals who have the practice of lifting heavy objects. So, you can be assured that your stuff will be in safe hands and you don’t have to lift heavy objects by yourself.

  • Free from stress

Hiring a full-service moving facility makes you free from every type of stress because you don’t have to worry about any of the issues in moving. In addition to that, you can continue your daily routine work, and there is no need to compromise your office work for moving.

  • Cost-efficient 

If you compare all the factors of DIY move and full-service move, you will come to know that full-service moving is far better than all others in every aspect.


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