Top Tips to Improve Your Home Security


It can be very easy to become complacent about home security – often, we think that locking doors and closing windows gives us all the security we need. If you are targeted by a burglar, however, these measures are simply not enough. Whether you are looking to secure your home better while you are on holiday, or simply want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that getting at your valuables is more trouble than it’s worth for the average opportunist criminal, read on for our top tips on securing your home. 


Connecting an alarm to your doors or windows, or installing a motion-activated model to cover your indoor space, is a fantastic way of improving your home security. You can put up stickers or an alarm box outdoors to provide a visual deterrent, and the sound of your alarm going off will be enough to make most burglars give up. If not, then hopefully your neighbours will be alerted to the problem and contact either you or the police. 


Motion-activated lighting in your outdoor space can be a great deterrent – most criminals would prefer to work unobserved. Indoor lighting set on timers is also a good way of making it look like there are people at home, even if you are away for long periods. You can control smart lighting and other devices remotely from your phone, tablet or browser to really optimise the effect – turning on different lights at different times of day, turning on the radio, etc. 


Modern security cameras are better equipped and more affordable than ever. Motion-sensing, night-vision and internet connectivity all work to make sure that if a burglar does target you, you have a good chance of identifying the culprit. This equipment can also work as a deterrent, as the criminal will tend to avoid areas where they are being recorded. For immediate response, set your camera system to alert your phone or tablet when an incident occurs – you can quickly check that it isn’t your neighbour collecting a stray football, and then call the police if it’s needed.


If all the previous measures have failed and a burglar does get into your property, make sure your valuables are untouchable. A well designed and installed safe is perfect, whatever you need to store. You can find safes that are designed specifically for data storage, documents, cash or jewellery as well as ones that are mixed use. Be sure to fix your safe to walls or floors very securely, otherwise you are just collecting your most valuable goods in one convenient box for burglars to take away. 


Always be aware of who you are giving information to. Posting on social media that you have just bought a safe can make you a target – typically if you have a safe, then you have something worth protecting. Similarly, if you tell everyone in the pub or on Facebook that you are going on a three-week cruise, then you leave yourself open to burglars. Restrict this kind of information to immediate family and trusted neighbours (who can keep an eye on your property while you’re gone) and save the holiday snaps for when you’re back. Even if you trust everyone on your social media completely and utterly, they could innocently share your post and bring it to the attention of the criminally minded.


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