7 Ways to Improve Natural Lighting in Your Home

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There are lots of benefits attached to being able to enjoy plenty of natural lighting flooding into your home and it makes sense to find some ways to achieve that aim and improve on what you already have.

Some houses enjoy more natural light options than others, of course, but when you get creative with your solutions, such as installing French doors to improve your access to daylight, you should be able to bring about some improvement to how much light your home enjoys.

Here are some suggestions to help you improve the level of natural lighting in your home.

Think about skylights

Take a look at the layout and design of your home and think about whether you might be able to install some skylights as a way of letting more light in.

There is no doubt that skylights do a brilliant job of letting light flood into your home and it is often good quality consistent light because it is less likely to be shadowed.

Are your windows and doors up to the job?

It could be that your windows could do with an upgrade, especially if they have been in the property for some while. This is because design elements have evolved and you should be able to find window and door options that give your house a new feel and better light access.

You might even be able to add new window options by redesigning your space with the aim of more natural lighting in mind.

Add some reflective design elements

There are lots of design tricks you can use to add some reflective elements to your rooms and these work brilliantly when it comes to encouraging more light into your home.

You will find that interior designers often use mirrors and other reflective room elements as a way of creating more natural light. Take some inspiration from their design ideas and see how you can apply them to your own rooms.

The right tiles can make a difference

Another neat trick you can use to encourage more natural light into your home would be to consider installing glass tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

Glass tiles are wonderfully efficient in reflecting almost all of the light that hits them. If you don’t like the idea of glass tiles you could also consider very glossy ceramic tiles. These will also work well in delivering a lot of reflective qualities.

Use paints to brighten things up

You might not be too surprised to discover that painting your walls and ceilings white will help improve your natural light levels. However, there are some more enhanced options that you might not be aware of.

The first point to bear in mind is that painting your walls the purest white possible will deliver the brightest results. Start with that as the default option and then find a shade close to that you will be happy to look at if you don’t want pure white walls.

Also, be mindful that a white ceiling is a real no-brainer in terms of reflective qualities.

Think about your exterior

If your property has any overhangs created by the roof you might want to paint these white as they will help boost the natural light levels coming into your home.

A left-field solution to consider

Finally, if your home suffers from a lack of natural light because of its position you might need to think about a radical way of improving that situation.

A suggestion to consider would be to replace a few sections of your exterior wall with glass blocks. These need to be professionally installed as they are not a structural replacement for a stud wall but they could deliver a lighting solution that you might otherwise have struggled to achieve.

Take a look at these ideas and see how many of them might improve the level of natural lighting in your home.


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