How to Set up Profitable Split Tests for Google Ads Success

Split Tests

Google Ads is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to purchase and develop paid advertisements that can be displayed through relevant search results. The most difficult aspect of developing a Google Ads campaign is making sure that the ads you create are successful at pulling in leads and getting users to click on them. Split tests can mitigate this issue by helping you determine which variables from your ads are the most effective. In the following guide, you’ll learn how to create split tests that bolster your Google Ads success. 

What Do Split Tests Entail?

 Oftentimes referred to as A/B tests, split tests are designed to test a single element of an ad campaign against another element. Some of the elements that a split test can focus on include:

  • Visual elements
  • Audience targets
  • Ad copy
  • User workflow
  • Specific words in your script
  • Calls to action
  • Landing page

 Identify one element that you want to be constant in all tests and another element that can vary with each test. 

How to Properly Structure Split Tests

 The most challenging aspect of setting up a split test is doing so in a way that provides actionable results. A few of the more common mistakes that occur when structuring split tests include:

  • Ending tests before you’ve obtained statistical differences in your results
  • Evaluating multiple variables
  • Not setting success/failure goals before performing it

 Make sure that you obtain anywhere from 1,000-10,000 sessions in a split test before looking at the results. Some of the metrics you can use to measure results include conversion rate, time on site, and ROI.

How to Measure Split Tests

 Properly measuring the results of it will likely require you to dig into the data you receive. You’ll need to determine if your initial hypothesis was wholly validated. Because of the many different variables that occur in a split test, it’s highly recommended that you use behavioral analytics to measure results. Behavioral analytics tools allow you to visually measure it.


This is a data visualization technique that displays data in colors. For instance, any red areas in your split tests are ones that received the most engagement. The two types of heatmaps include:

  • Click heatmaps – Understands click engagement with split tests
  • Scroll heatmaps – Understands scroll depth on split tests

Session Recordings

 The results from split tests will display movements in the metrics you’re measuring. These metrics can either go up or down. Session recordings functionality allows you to determine why certain metrics move based on real-time user behavior. 

Use Google Ads with the Help of Renaissance Commerce

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