What Is the Purpose of Soffits and Fascias?


Similar to flashings and gutters, soffits and fascia are two essential components of a roof structure. The minor known parts in a building are a portion of the external finishing of a building where the roof ends. They help ventilate the attic, protect the gutter system, and add a home’s exterior aesthetics.

Having sparkling soffits and fascia makes your home more attractive and appealing to buyers. In this article, you will know what soffits and fascia are and the purpose they serve in a building.

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What Is a Roof Soffit?

The word soffit is a French name meaning something fixed beneath. A soffit is a cover that sits between the outer edges of a roof and the adjacent wall of your house, guarding and sealing the rafter feet. Most soffits are usually 9-10mm thick and can be either vented or plain.

Soffits typically have minor holes that let air circulate hence ventilating your attic. It makes it important in both winter and summer months since air circulation keeps your attic from overheating during hot weather. Air circulation also inhibits moisture buildup in the winter, which could damage your rafters.

What Purposes Do Soffits Serve?

Though not all buildings have installed soffits, it is easy to spot roofing structures that have them. Also, soffits offer various benefits as they serve the following protective purposes.

  • Lessens the risk of moisture buildup and condensation
  • Reduces risk of ice dams, mold, and decay
  • Upsurges energy efficiency
  • Mends energy expenses
  • Inhibiting birds, pests, bugs, and animals from entering the attic
  • Protection from the elements
  • Maintains air circulation within the attic and rafters

Common Soffit Issues

As paramount as it is, the soffit can fall victim to various issues. So, it’s best to handle them by hiring a soffit repair expert that offers quality Lubbock Roofing services.

Insect and Animal Intrusion

Small rodents, wasps, birds, and other unwanted guests can make a home in the space between the eaves. The same pests can use soffits to enter the attic. Spot check your attic for any signs of an invasion. You can also check the soffits themselves. Seal any hole or crack using caulk or mesh.

Moisture Damage

Soffits are typically located next to the gutters, hence prone to moisture damage. Always clean the soffits when cleaning the gutters to prevent water damage. Also, recoat any cracks and sores caused by water damage.

What Are Fascias?

A fascia is a long straight board found at the roof’s lower edge and fixed directly to roof trusses. Its primary role is to support the last row of roofing materials and the gutters. Akin to soffits, a fascia gives a finishing look to your house and protects the interiors from damages.

Wood is the standard fascia board’s raw material, whereby contractors apply paint to make it durable. Also, wood fascia is cost-effective but requires frequent replacement since they always rot. But, various manufacturers make vinyl or plastic fascia products that can harmonize in style and color with other roofing parts for a matching look. 

What Purpose Does Fascia Serve?

As a part of the most noticeable slim features of your house’s exterior, fascias offer a striking and appealing look to your structure. Apart from acting as barriers between the outside elements and the inside of your roof, fascias also serve the following purposes.

  • Offers support to the eavestrough and gutter systems
  • Delivers support to the bottom row of shingles
  • Guards the ends of the rafters
  • Protection against elements
  • Thwarts water damage and moisture buildup under the roof boards
  • Prevents mold and decay
  • Increases home aesthetic and curb appeal

Common Fascia Issues

A fascia can face a wide range of issues that may need repair. 

Decaying Wood

Most fascias are wood that can decay over time. Shield your wooden fascias by painting them using a high-grade primer and covering up any visible holes or cracks.

Cracks and Chipped Paint

Paint on the fascia sometimes develops cracks and chips, which deepens and expands over time until they create leakage issues. Permanently seal up all the cracks and paint over chips to guarantee that the fascia is waterproof.

How to Maintain Soffits and Fascias

Like everything else, taking proper care of your soffit and fascias prevents untimely replacements or repairs. The best way to maintain your soffits and fascias is by keeping them clean. 

Always use a little laundry detergent in water and scrub the fascia using a mop to prevent issues brought by mildew and mold. If your soffits and fascias are in bad shape or are tearing off the roof, contact a professional for repairs.

Things to Consider When Investing in Soffits and Fascias

As a homeowner who plans to give the exteriors of his home some improvement, below is a list of critical things you should consider when picking new soffits and fascias for your house.

The Color of Soffits and Fascias

Always take time and think about which color best suits your property. While most homes come with a white roofline product, you can currently get fascias and soffits in any color of your choice.

The Material Used to Make Soffits and Fascias

Soffits and fascias come in different styles to choose from, making it hard to identify the best in terms of fitting and maintenance. However, it is also essential to know more about the materials used to make the products since various materials are more durable than others, research all options.


It is always crucial to think about how much you can spend whenever you undertake a home improvement project. Take time to look at standard soffit and fascia installing costs and get some quotes from reliable companies.


Most roofline products have at least a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee. Before you spend your money on any product, ensure that the soffits and fascias come with some form of warranty. 

Final Words

Both soffits and fascias serve a key practical role in protecting your house as well as adding a pleasing look to the roof. When planning for your next roofing project, don’t forget to include the crucial elements in your budget.


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