5 Birthday Party Decors For Girls Who Love Pink

Birthday Party Decors

The lovely color pink is not only for girls who love hearts and flowers, but also perfect for party decors. If your little one is a fan of pink, then you should be able to transform her birthday party into an elegant celebration. If you want to make it more fun, don’t forget to include all the girl’s favorite things in the list or decorations and party treats!

Here are some ideas to make your child’s pink-themed party one-of-a-kind: 5 Birthday Party Decors For Girls Who Love Pink-

  • Flower Cupcakes

You only need to take an icing pen and draw flower petals on vanilla or chocolate cupcakes, then sprinkle colorful sugar pearls on it. Voila! You have a cheap and cheerful cupcake.

  • Pink Pudding

For this recipe, you should have instant pudding mix in any flavor, berries of choice (I suggest strawberries), whipped cream or topping for the top. In addition to that , pink sugar pearls are also recommended for sprinkling over the top of the finished product.

  • Strawberry Plates

To make the pink color theme a very obvious one, you could decorate the tables with a lot of strawberry plates and cups. It would be a little bit childish but your little girl will love it!

  • Themed Cushion Puffs

You could also add these cute themed pillow puffs to your list. This is an easy way to add some color to your pink theme. They would look so cute when the little guests are eating them, too!

  • Cotton Candy Machine

Why not get yourself a cotton candy machine? It is cheap and it will make everything more fun with the sugary floss in pink colors that girls love!

  • Fruit Skewers with Yogurt Dip

Feeling a little bit adventurous? Then you should try making strawberries, kiwi and apple skewers. The dip is simply yogurt mixed with vanilla essence. What a delicious way to start off the party!

  • Rainbow Juice Drink

Half a cup of orange juice, half a cup of pineapple juice and half a cup of grapefruit with raspberries as the extra ingredient. You could also add some ice cubes for extra smoothness! Your little guests would definitely love this one.

  • Pink Peanut Butter Dip

You only need to mix peanut butter paste with strawberry yogurt and you have a really simple but tasty peanut butter dip! If you want to, you could even use this as the spread for your cupcakes.

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches

For this recipe, you need some ice cream and of course, sandwiches of any kind. The result – a delicious and sweet treat that everybody would enjoy at your party- perfect!

  • Cake Balls

If you want to make your cake stand out, why not try making these cake balls? They are made of vanilla wafers, cream cheese and pink chocolate. So easy and delectable!

  • Cupcake Cones

Who said cupcakes are only for eating? You could also use them as cones! All you need to do is funnel cake batter into a greased mini muffin pan and bake. After the cupcakes have cooled, you can simply pop them out of the pan and make a cone with crumpled wax paper.

  • Gummy Bears and Lollipops

These two would be perfect for the candy buffet. You should also add gummy bears to pink sprinkles, it would add more sweetness to your party table! If you want something really simple yet effective, get a lollipop tree and let all your little guests pick their favorite candy!

  • Fruit Pizza

Of course, there would be no birthday party without a fruit pizza! All you have to do is put out the ingredients for everybody to make their own palette. You can also choose different colors of fruits for this recipe so it will be even more fun!

  • Pink Marshmallow Pops

Last but not least, marshmallows are always a good idea. Not only do they taste delicious but they also look pretty and sweet! Create pink-colored smoothies for the marshmallows and then just put them on a stick to decorate your table!



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