5 Tips for Designing your Dream Bathroom Renovation

Dream Bathroom Renovation

Designing your entire home can be a bewildering task; there are so many styles and arrangements to choose from and so many decisions to be made! That’s why we have taken the time to put together these 5 tips for designing your own individualised dream bathroom renovation to create the perfect space for your home.

Effective Layout  

A bathroom has many crucial elements to its layout: plumbing, electrical, draining and more. All of these things need to be thoughtfully laid out in the best position possible for the most efficient bathroom. Whether your space is small or large, the bathroom layout can dramatically affect its final look which in turn affects your living space. The best way to view your layout is to identify what it is that you need out of your bathroom and what it is that you didn’t or haven’t found efficient with its current design. By taking these considerations into mind, you can design a space that suits your individual needs. Some good questions to ask yourself while assessing your layout are: 

  1. Who will be using this bathroom? How many people?
  2. How will this bathroom be used? For example, will you be putting makeup on in the bathroom? Will a separate shower and bath be required?
  3. How will we store items in the bathroom? Bathrooms often become spaces with many items required to be stored, so do you want these items to be hidden? How much storage will you need?

Flooring Options

The most important thing to take into consideration when selecting flooring for a bathroom is durability. Bathrooms are wet spaces which means they can become a place of hazard and risk. While durability is important, you also want to consider the appearance of that durable flooring. Will it suit the space? Luckily, there are many types of flooring available to develop a beautiful yet effective bathroom! We would recommend using a ceramic tile due to its versatility in appearance, durability and cost-effectiveness. 

Expressing your Individual Style

An easy yet effective way to bring your style into your bathroom is through cabinetry. Assess what style you are going for and take into consideration the styling of the rest of your home to create a tranquil flow. Once you have decided on a style, you can implement these individualities through your selection of vanities and colour schemes. 

Statement Pieces 

Consider any potential statement bathroom pieces. Statement bathroom pieces can attract attention and bring a room together to give it a feeling of luxury and a point of difference. These can include items such as above counter basins, free-standing baths and walk-in showers. By including a statement piece in your bathroom, you should  always consider its functionality as well as your own individual style. 

Adequate Lighting 

Lighting is vital in developing a functional bathroom. Not only does lighting have a practical use but it can also be used to develop interesting spaces. Lighting in niches, around mirrors or under vanities can develop an ambience within a room. These lighting types are called mood lighting and can assist in developing a relaxing wind-down space. When deciding lighting for a bathroom, it is important to consider the shadows that may be omitted and where the most lighting is required. Work it all together and turn your bathroom into a relaxing paradise instead of just a utilitarian space.

There are so many things to consider when designing a bathroom renovation and it’s hard to bring it down to just 5! So when it’s your time to work on renovating your bathroom, we’d recommend finding a local builder you can trust who will catch all the things you might miss doing it yourself. 



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