How to host a wine tasting ceremony?

wine tasting ceremony

Wine tasting parties are a fun way of exploring different varieties of wines and catch up on good memories with friends. Let’s see how to host a wine tasting ceremony.

According to Food & Wine magazine columnists Stephen Tanzler, wine tasting sessions put your senses to a good job as you juggle between aromas and flavours, texture and weight, balance, Taste of Purple wine glasses, and decanters, palate, and persistence.  

You can also host a party once you figure out the essentials that we have outlaid for you in this article. 

1. Planning

The wine tasting parties may be a part of house-warming ceremonies, weddings, or reunions. They go along fine if they are meticulously planned. Yes, almost everything about wine is meticulous! First of all, determine the type of party you want to host. You may arrange the tasting before dinner, or just a standalone party just for wine, or a blind taste test to make the gathering a little more fun. 

2. The theme for Wine Tasting

You may select a theme that goes right with your wine. It is easy to select the theme after you have selected the wine palate. It helps in narrowing down the decorations and other items. Create a list of varieties of wines to be served and that you can afford. Select your theme from any one of those varieties. To make things better, we have a list for you to choose from: –

Varietal- The sampling of selected wine types made in different regions.

Horizontal- Wine of the same variety and same vintage collection like  2000 Bordeauxs, but manufactured by different wineries. 

Vertical- wine made from the same variety of grapes but brewed at different wineries. 

Cost- you may select wines based on price.

Region- wines can be chosen from different locations as soil gives a different texture to wines.

Favourite brews- You may select the theme based on your and other’s personal favourite brews. 

3. Guest List

A wine tasting ceremony should be a private affair. Eight to ten people are ideal for hosting one. They can be accommodated around a table comfortably. It is good on pocket, easier to manage, keeps the number of wines manageable, and allows people to strengthen their bonds over a fine glass of wine. Try to include people that have similar tastes for a pleasant experience. 

4. Serve

Depending on how heavy your guest drink, assign at least half of a bottle to one guest on average. To break this, you will be serving about half the size of the regular serve to each glass per head. It should be about two to three ounces. For accommodating eight to ten guests, bring two bottles of each wine and 2-3 bottles extra for heavy drinkers. 

5. Invitations

You can send formal invitations or just email them depending on your liking. Spell out the planning of the wine tasting ceremony in your invitation and do not shy away to mention that it will not be a dinner or cocktail party. Additionally, you might want to mention how much food each guest will be served so that they can plan accordingly. Request guests not to wear any strong perfume or cologne to get it mixed with wine. 

This kind of invitation must have the RSVP section with a deadline as confirmation is all about this get-together. 

6. See that Pocket!

Wine is comparatively an expensive brew. Your friends are coming to enjoy your company. Therefore, you need not think very much about wine selection. You might be knowing the taste of your guests. Opt for crowd-pleasing wines that are accessible to your friends later also. However, try these options for saving more: –

  • Limiting the number of varieties of wine.
  • Try to shop from wineries directly in bulk.
  • You may enlist the guests to bring the bottle.

7. Set the Table

There will be a lot of items for each guest like glasses, spittoons, water, napkins, note cards, etc. They should be kept neatly without any extra cluttering articles like a flower vase or candle stand. They will just come in the way and scented articles can ruin the aroma of the wine. The simple, the better. You definitely do not want to cry over spilt wine because its stains don’t go away easily. Also, make sure that wines are served in the correct order. 

8. Other Accessories

A glass of wine is not something that you pour directly from the bottle and serve it right away. You will need a decanter for aeration and decentring. You will also need something to keep it cool. Like a bucket full of ice. Other than that, you may need wine openers and wine charms.  


Wine is used as a table staple like salt and pepper to get along with supper. It is also enjoyed with cheese, bread, and cakes. We hope that you will find a wine of your liking through this guide. 



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