Choosing The Best Ring For Your Significant Other

Ring For Significant Other

Are you in need of the perfect ring to give to the love of your life but don’t know what to look for? You have nothing to worry about – if that’s the case. Preparing for the proposal can feel like a crazy and overwhelming time, but it’s also exciting. We can all agree that it is easy to be caught up in the moment. You must remember that getting the right ring is important and you must ensure that you do it right. Several options are available where you can get the best engagement rings, including Kimberfire in Toronto. As a result, this article is devoted to guiding you in making informed decisions whenever you are ready to purchase the right ring for your significant other.

Tips for getting the perfect ring

There are several tips that can help you get a suitable ring for your partner. Learn more below:

Decide on the shape of the ring you want

Do you know the right diamond shape your partner wants?  This will make it easier in your hunt for the perfect ring. It must be stressed that every shape carries with it a different price per carat. If the size is what you find more important, more carats are available at a better price when you choose any other ring beside the round cut. This is a consideration you must be aware of before purchasing a ring.

Select the right metal for the band

Usually, most engagement rings are made from gold, platinum, yellow, white, or silver. Platinum is more costly than silver, even though it might seem similar to the eye. This is due to its greater density.

Furthermore, you must also note that some metals scratch faster than others. As a result, you must consider both the lifestyle of your significant other and your budget before making a decision. You should also consider if you want the stone to be set in the band, and how many stones you wish to include.

Consider the size of the carat

Oftentimes, that is always an argument of quality against quantity. To many, quantity is more important because it presents you with more options, while to others, quality should be given preference since a quality product can last longer than 10 similar products – of less quality – when used one at a time. However, with quality comes cost.

If the size is important, then you must keep a perfect carat size for your partner in mind and ensure that you stay within your budget. Besides this, you should keep an open mind to get suitable engagement rings. Your wife-to-be might think they know what they want or what to look for when it comes to carat size or shape, but while putting on the ring, they find out that they want something else. With that being said, choose something that will impress, but isn’t too big for longterm, daily wear. It must also be stressed that the prices of diamonds increase as they move up in weight.

Ensure that the diamonds are measured accurately

This is an important consideration to note, even though it may seem quite obvious. You and your partner must get your ring fingers measured appropriately. You don’t want a ring that restricts the flow of blood in your finger. You should feel comfortable when you wear it. Many people make the mistake of ignoring this, and they end up either not wearing it any more or purchasing another. You must acquire the right ring you plan on using for a long time, and if not, many jewellers offer free resizing with the purchase of a ring.

Purchase a certified stone

It is safe to say that purchasing an engagement ring is an expensive purchase and is one that must be done with adequate research. You should ensure that your dream ring is certified by a reputable laboratory, including the American Gem Society for the Gemological Institute of America.

Furthermore, you must know that diamonds that are certified by other laboratories can possess inflated grades, which gives the buyer a wrong perception of a quality ring when they have only purchased a ring of low quality.

Besides these, you should also ensure that the diamond purchased matches the certificate. In most cases, diamonds are inscribed with lasers on the girdle. To check this, you can use a jeweler’s loupe. 

Find the Best Ring For Her/Him

We can all agree that engagement brings about an amazing energy for a couple. It marks the inception of a long-term reunion between two people. With that in mind, making it amazing is essential. One of the ways to achieve this is by getting the right ring for your significant other. When you follow the tips discussed above, finding the perfect ring will be easy!


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