Special moissanite rings for women

moissanite rings for women

Women all over the world are attracted to beauty and glamor, and that could mean that anything that can make a woman more beautiful is her best friend. And with every passing day, women’s fashion industries are on the increase. A special type of gem called the Moissanite gem has been receiving attention among couples and young lovers who are planning to tie the knot. Let’s see special moissanite rings for women.

Moissanite engagement rings are not just symbols of love, but also represent unique taste and class for those who are connoisseurs of rings and those who see love as something worth celebrating. And of course, moissanite rings are all worth the attention. Moissanites, nowadays, offer the best alternative to diamond rings as they are less expensive and also widely recognized.

One amazing thing about moissanite engagement bands is that there is a price range for every buyer. That means that you don’t longer need to worry about the astronomical price as you can always opt for the class and size that you can afford without sacrificing much when it comes to beauty and quality. The website https://bestbrilliance.com/collections/moissanite-rings can easily give you a range of moissanite that fit your needs. 

The following are the pros and cons of the moissanite engagement ring;

– Durability is one prominent benefit of the Moissanite engagement ring. Generally, everyone will choose a durable item over one that is considered less durable because the former seems to last longer than the latter. Moissanite rings are also among the list of the hardest substances available, and they are of course exceptionally suited for everyday use as an engagement ring.

Apart from the obvious durability of the 

Moissanite rings, brilliance is another impressive feature of these gemstones. While Moissanite stones are essentially different from diamonds, they are replete with shiny looks and radiance that take your breath away. The stones also have patterns that give them a rainbow-like look and colors.  

Since, indeed, everything that has an advantage will not come without its bad side, it also holds water to say that Moissanite rings may be hard to repair if they get damaged. This is because moissanite rings are not like diamonds, and while there are many diamond experts, there are just a few or no, moissanite repairers, at all. This means that you have to pay extra care when wearing your ring so that it doesn’t get damaged. 

Making a purchasing decision: What quality should I look for?

In your search for the perfect ring for your lover, here are questions and answers that can help you make the best purchasing decision;

How to know if the moissanite ring is of great quality: Of course, there are various grades and quality of moissanite rings out there and what this implies is that some rings are a little better than the others. One tip to buying the best grade in the market is to be on the look for colorless moissanite. Also, flawless moissanite rings give the most brilliance and fire.

What carats can pair best with my moissanite stone? One thing you must always remember is that moissanite weighs a little less than a typical diamond. Hence, Carat weight might not really matter except to people that are only familiar with the carat weight of diamonds. You will often see moissanite being described using the “diamond equivalent weight” or DEW, so it is easy to compare.  

How do I care for my ring?

Just like any gemstone you might have deal with in time past, moissanite rings are not any different. This means that maintenance is essential in handling these rings. You can plan to have your ring deep cleaned by a professional at least once a year. Although moissanite experts are not that many, you can always find one if you try. 

The expert will help you clean the ring, take away any dirt that might diminish its aesthetic, and make sure that the ring is at its best. From your end, you should also minimize how you play with your ring as this might likely reduce the look and accumulate dirt in some areas on the ring.

Also, some people go as far as insuring their moissanite rings. This is not overkill as it only shows how much they value the ring. This will help a lot in case anything happens to the ring because insurance will refund them in case of any damage or even theft.

Are there any differences between moissanite and diamond?

Yes! Moissanite and diamonds really differ in some ways.

First, the price range actually differs. One nice thing about moissanite rings is that they are cheaper than diamonds. In fact, when compared with diamonds, typical moissanite is about one-tenth of the price of diamonds. 

For some people, a colorless diamond with greater quality is not achievable owing to the astronomical price. That means they can always shop for the alternative which is moissanite.

Secondly, diamonds are more durable than moissanite as diamond is the hardest known substance. However, moissanite is not bad either as they occupy the position of the second hardest substance after diamond.


It seems now that price is no longer a thing that can deter you from buying that precious gem for your lover, as you can always buy one at a price you can afford. Shopping for a precious moissanite ring is also much easier than walking in the park.


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