Bringing Eastern Patterns to Your Home with Rugs

Bringing Eastern Patterns to Your Home

The Middle East is the culture of royalty and luxury. Rugs from this region are rich with color and pattern and a variety of textures that make them unique to the world of decorating. Bringing Eastern patterns to your home with rugs can add a unique and elegant touch to any home. They originated in the Middle East region but have been adopted by many cultures around the world for their intricate designs and bright colors. But how do you incorporate these patterns into your own home? One way is through rugs! Rugs are not just about comfort and style. They also represent culture and tradition. Today we will explore four ways that you can bring Middle Eastern patterns into your life!

Bring in the Bold Accents

This region is rich in traditions and culture, especially in the country of Persia. It is believed that some forms of modern-day art were developed by Persian artists as early as 2500 BC! This makes Middle Eastern patterns a perfect way to bring bold accents into your home with rugs. There is a rug for you no matter what room you are looking at, bringing these colors and details into! Get beautiful and best area rugs in bold and jewel tones such as emerald green and turquoise. These colors will add a pop of color that is truly unique to your home. The rich color palette of these patterns is a perfect way to bring color into your living room or bedroom.

Bring in the Geometric Designs

Middle Eastern pattern rugs also bring geometric designs into your life! When you think about Middle Eastern patterns, it’s hard not to be reminded of intricate and beautiful patterns like diamonds or triangles. These shapes and patterns prove to be an excellent fit for your living room or bedroom, as they will add an interesting design element that is truly eye-catching. Try incorporating these rugs into spaces where you want to have a little more visual interest! There are many design patterns from which to choose when looking at Middle Eastern style rugs.

Shades of Beige and Gold

Create an exotic look in your bedroom with this traditional Persian design. The colors are natural, the pattern is simple but effective, and it will add depth to any room that needs a little more life or warmth. This particular piece has been hand-loomed from wool and cotton, an excellent choice for a rug used on the floor. They use royal-inspired hues of gold and beige in this room decorated with a mix of antiques and modern pieces in the other rooms. Another simple design, this one is created with deep reds against a neutral backdrop. This natural material rug has been hand-knotted to create the pattern, and it will add an earthy tone to any space that needs some warmth or richness added in its decorating scheme to balance out other pieces. Moreover, the dark wood furniture and the rich colors of crimson and maroon throughout most of the room help to give off an old-world appeal and offer some needed warmth to balance out the color scheme.

Shades of Blue and Cream

Bringing some light into your home is as easy as choosing this color scheme! This traditional Persian design can bring life to any room with blue hues offset by cream accents throughout the pattern. The colors are soft but still offer some contrast to the pattern. Moreover, the light colors are perfect for balancing out an otherwise dark or drab room while still offering that traditional look you’re going for!

The Jewel Tones in Home Decor

The Middle East is the place where the fabled “Garden of Eden” can be found. It is home to some of the most beautiful works in architecture, arts, and crafts. The Middle Eastern patterns are colorful with jewel-tone hues that have a richness that cannot be described through words alone! They use a wide selection of colors and can be found in a variety of traditional patterns. Middle Eastern-style rugs are not only functional but also beautiful pieces to decorate your home with! They offer beauty, style, and flair that any other type of rug cannot match. The Middle Eastern designs bring the exotic world into your living room or bedroom from miles away! The Middle Eastern patterns can be found in many styles, but some are Persian, Moroccan, and Turkish rugs. These types of rugs have unique designs that will add color to your home and bring a new sense of style with them. Ranging from bright colors like pink or blue rugs to rich jewel tones like green or purple, these beautiful rugs are perfect for any room in the house! The Middle Eastern designs can be easily incorporated into your home with area rugs that match perfectly.

Create a Floor Seating Area

Most of the Middle Eastern rugs are made to be placed on the floor. Instead of traditional living room seating, you could create a unique area rug outdoor space by laying down one or two large area carpets and placing some pillows in front of them! This is a fun way to relax outside with friends or family without having furniture taking up extra space to play. You can also create a different style dining hall with the Middle Eastern vibes by using a rug in place of a table and placing some chairs around the area rug.

Create Harmony with Neutral Tones

Many Middle Eastern patterns are made up of neutral colors like beige, white and brown. You can easily use these colors to blend your unique style into your home by adding furniture that matches this color scheme, such as a white sofa with brown accents in the living room or a beige area rug in your bedroom.

Create an Authentic Look with Vintage Items

Another way to bring Middle Eastern patterns into your home is by using authentic vintage items made elsewhere in this region of the world, such as lamps, pillows, and rugs. This will add another level of authenticity to your home décor.

If you want to make a statement in your living room, consider adding an authentic Middle Eastern rug or two on top of hardwood floors or carpeting. These are great for providing some extra warmth underfoot and adding another layer of texture and pattern to the room. Placing a rug under your dining table is another excellent way of bringing this pattern into your home without going overboard with it. Just make sure there’s enough space to accommodate the size of the rug you want to buy!

Summing Up

Whether you’re looking for a traditional oriental rug or something more modern, RugKnots has the perfect rug to fit your needs and taste. With years of experience in the rug and carpeting industry, we have an extensive collection of rugs from all corners, including India, Pakistan, China, Turkey, and Thailand. We also offer complimentary design services so that you can get help picking out what will look best with your home’s style! Visit our website today to browse our expansive selection and find just what you need.


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