Why Condo Living is Great (KW)

Condo Living is Great

Today, from millennials to retirees, people have many dwellings to choose from and several ways to enjoy their lives. Never before have people enjoyed the luxury of determining the amount of space in their property, the amenities and features of their new homes and the neighbourhood.

However, such an abundance means it can be difficult to choose which type of living accommodation suits you best. Knowing what to expect and what not can help make your decision easier.

So in today’s special blog, we’re going to look at the condo living and why it is so great!

Six Benefits to Condo Living

Enjoy a Low-Level Maintenance Lifestyle

Owning or living in a house, duplex or townhouse requires a lot of household work and maintenance. You might find that you spend hours trimming the yard, cleaning up the gutters and undertaking repairs. But with a condo, that isn’t going to be a problem.

Condos are operated by property management companies that handle all external maintenance and work around the property. Your monthly condo fees will cover all these expenses, with the condo board notifying you about what repairs and maintenance are taking place and why. You’ll even know the expenses for it, so you know where your money is going.

All this results in you having more time for yourself.

Major Expenses are Shared by All

If the roof on a home is damaged, it all comes down to you repairing it. That can be a costly endeavour with the burden of choosing the right roofer, materials and timeframe being placed on top of your shoulders.

Living in a condo, though, that expense would be covered by everyone. As you’re all sharing the same roof, it’s only fair that you pay your fair share. The cost of any work will be divided amongst owners after a careful assessment of the situation. That means less money spent on household maintenance and repairs than if you owed a complete property outright.

World-Class Amenities

Many condos offer a wealth of amenities to make their lifestyle more enjoyable for their tenants. In some condos, you can access common areas (where you host parties), patios and BBQ areas, while some have restaurants and state-of-the-art gyms (with fitness classes) and stunning swimming pools.

At high-end luxury condos, you can even access penthouse level outdoor amenities areas, garden community spaces while enjoying unparalleled gorgeous landscaping views.

Remember that this is covered by the monthly fee, so make the most of these amenities and embrace this awesome benefit.

This is one of the best perks of condo living.

Why Condo Living is Great (KW)

Great & Popular Locations

How great would life be if everything is available right outside the front door? With many condos, that is exactly the case.

Condos are very much a downtown or outer suburbs option, and while they might seem like two very different locations, they share a common thread: the beauty and closest of the surrounding areas.

In downtown, you’ll be close to all the hottest areas, entertainment centres and trendy spots. You can save on transport, reduce your car expenses and access everything within a few blocks. This is ideal for professionals working in the city and those wanting to be part of the scene.

As for the outer suburbs, you’ll be located in the heart of nature, close to walks, hikes and bike paths while still being close to must-have amenities and features, such as markets and medical care. If you wish to enjoy seclusion and nature, this is the best option for you.

High-Level of Security & Safety

Living in a condo building or community, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The level of security of these establishments is higher than elsewhere, ensuring that you can leave your home with peace of mind.

There are security cameras, doormen, concierges, and in a gated community, exclusive access to those living within the complex itself. It’s hard to feel unsafe when living in a condo when you consider the high level of security and safety.

A Community Feeling

Condos are truly a community-based approach to living, as you’ll find connections with many like-minded individuals who want or are living the same lifestyle as you.

You’ll find that you’ll bond with fellow residents thanks to the closest of your living quarters and the shared common spaces. It is easy to make friends as you’ll cross paths in common rooms and while sharing amenities. Before you know it, you’ll make friends that you can talk and hang out with at any time!




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