What Can You Remodel: You VS Experts


One of the biggest questions any homeowner verging on home remodel, whether it’s kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling, is “What can I do myself?” 

‘Do-it-yourself’ projects might be the most cost-effective thing to do as it saves you most of the labor costs. Doing the job yourself may even let you enjoy the work. However, it’s more than what you think! The reality is that some projects are better with the experts. Hiring professionals are best to handle complex projects and prevent unexpected roadblocks.

Homeowners should consider how much ability and knowledge they have to weigh all options. There is also an amount of time and effort required for every home remodeling project. 

Here are some truths on what you can remodel on your own versus when to hire professionals in the field: 

What to DIY

A typical homeowner can do some components of a home remodeling. Here are some of the possible DIY remodeling works you can do: 

Light Demolition

The demolition might require a significant amount of money, but not everyone can take a sledgehammer and break all unwanted house features. You have to consider the damage that the demolition can do to the house (ex.: lighting, electricity, plumbing). Light demolitions may include taking down unwanted fixtures, pulling out appliances, or removing tilework. 

Minor Replacements

Some replacements are possible without the aid of experts. These replacements include most appliance replacements, sink and faucet replacement, cabinet refacing, or laminate counter replacement. 

Cosmetics and Designs

Cosmetic changes do not require any strict permits. There are also many available resources online. DIY projects may include painting your home’s interior, installing vinyl flooring, or changing a kitchen backsplash. A homeowner should only make sure that there is the right amount of research done before starting.

Let the experts do it. 

There’s no harm in asking for professional help. Here are examples of when to let the experts do the work: 

Permit Requirements

Many states require permits and building code compliance to start a complex home remodeling to ensure the safety and proper accountability of the property. The kinds of projects that usually require a permit mean that a significant amount of knowledge is necessary from a professional. 

Plumbing, Electricity, Gas

Modifying the plumbing and electric features or gas system requires precautionary measures to prevent disastrous consequences.  

Complex Renovations

A complex project is if the property is old, the demolition will lead to a lot of damage, or there is a need for a significant modification in the property. It’s difficult to predict what is happening to a property beyond the walls, so it’s best to seek professional help.  


Whether it’s kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling, there are two considerations when deciding if to settle with a DIY project or hiring an expert to do the work: the type and complexity of the remodeling and your available skill and time. Do not attempt to do something by yourself with a lack of confidence and knowledge since this will make the remodeling longer and costlier.


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