How To Use Cannabis Leaves


The cannabis industry is quickly skyrocketing. More and more countries are now turning attention to this highly promising industry. This is because cannabis—particularly CBD—can heal a myriad of health conditions. Thus, if you are looking for information regarding cannabis leaves, keep reading. This guide is going to delve into cannabis mutations and how you can use the leaves.


Chopping, trimming, and harvesting cannabis buds are common when it comes to farming cannabis. However, most people tend to discard the leaves. Of course, the eventual pleasure is in the cannabis blooms. However, that is not to say that leaves cannot be used. With a few tips, you can turn these cannabis leaves into starch. Here are a few options you have on the table:

The Sugar Leaves Can Be Turned into Hash and Kief

The cannabis leaves are packed with resin. This makes them beneficial, especially when it comes to the production of the hash or kief. Thus, consider turning your leaves into hash or kief. After trimming the buds, consider saving and drying the leaves. Be sure to choose the most important leaves, also known as sugar leaves. In most cases, these leaves look like they have a sugar coating on their surfaces.

After drying the leaves, trim them into kief. To do this, you need to shake the leaves using a fine cream. This process is aimed at allowing the dry trichomes through for collection. Alternatively, some people have devised ways of making their own hash using ice water.

Making Homemade Thai Based Sticks

Based on ancient creation, Thai sticks can be made from these leaves. This process involves tying up the buds to a stick to cure. They can also be tied to a skewer. It depends on what you have. The next step involves pressing the sugar leaves with the buds. Alternatively, they can be pressed with cannabis oil, also known as hash oil. This oil binds the product together.  You can then wrap them in sticky-based fan leaves.

Press Trimming It Can Extract Rosin

The buds can be collected and dried to yield rosin. It’s important to note that you can press 2 metal plates to get rosin. This involves heating the plates to help squeeze the oil out.  However, ensure that the trim is dry. Otherwise, it may produce excessive water.

Make Cannabutter

These cannabis leaves can be used to produce Cannabutter as well as other edibles. Thus, if you have spare cannabis leaves, consider turning them into Cannabutter or edibles. The process involves putting the leaves in a pan of boiling water as well as butter. From here, the oil compounds will be dissolved using butter. The next step involves pouring the mixture via the cheesecloth. This is aimed at removing insoluble plant matter. The resulting solution is placed in a fridge to solidify and separate water from the butter.  The resulting butter can be used in cooking.

Other Uses

These leaves can be used in the following ways:

  • Food seasoning
  • Juicing the fan leaves

The Bottom-Line

The above guide will help you understand all things cannabis. From the factors that affect the health of the leaves to common uses, the above guide will help you master the art of growing and using cannabis.



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