CBD 101: Can You Drive On CBD?


You’ve probably known that Cannabidiol (CBD) is legal in Canada, but can you drive on CBD 101? A recent study showed that CBD does not impair driving. That’s because it does not have the intoxicating chemical THC, making it a safe substance for drivers.

While CBD is used on a medical scale to treat anxiety and other disorders like epilepsy, THC has a euphoric effect. THC can impair your judgment for up to four hours. For this reason, it is essential to know the difference between the two products.

You can engage your physician when deciding on using CBD. Then, after knowing what it can do for you, go ahead and decide how you want to live. You will have to make decisions on things like driving and other important issues. 

CBD Purchase and Use in Canada

Can you drive on CBD oil in Canada? A lot of people ask this question before using CBD oil. The first thing you have to understand is what CBD is and how it works. As mentioned above, CBD is used in the medical field to treat chronic pain and seizures. 

CBD products come in the form of oils, edibles, tinctures, and tropical. It is just one of the 100 cannabinoids found in marijuana, along with THC. The good news is that CBD is non-toxic. That’s the reason many drivers in Canada use CBD.

You can get CBD or THC products without a prescription in Canada as long as you are 19 years or older. However, it would help if you got them from licensed CBD manufacturers such as Zen Bliss.

You might think that this is a loophole for you to use CBD products infused with THC as you please. Well, that’s not the case, and it could still land you in trouble. 

Products that have THC contain the substance in minimal amounts so that it does not show up in light tests conducted by authorities. You have to watch out for the kind of product you decide to buy. 

Although most products have CBD as the primary component, they still have traces of THC since the two sunstones often have to work together as a regimen. So, it’s up to you to research the products you should avoid if you have to drive. 

There is still a lot of research into the matter of CBD use that could provide helpful information. For this reason, you should always seek a doctor’s help before consuming any CBD product before driving.

Can You Drive On CBD Oil Canada and Get Away With It?

Along with the legalization of marijuana and its products come new drug laws that help control the use of cannabis products, especially among drivers. For example, CBD is known not to impair driving or judgment, for that matter. 

Nevertheless, some drivers who use CBD laced with THC knowingly or unknowingly may land in trouble with authorities. The police in Canada have tests to determine how if a person should be driving. 

For instance, they might check the state of their pupils and check for physical signs that will let them know a person. Sometimes there are traces of smile that can give a person away as well. 

As of recent times, authorities have also developed a method to detect cannabis impairment from oral fluids. However, this test has its flaws because THC can remain in your system for days after using the substance. So you might have even used a CBD product with trace amounts of THC, and it would still be detectable.

Also, the authorities in Canada still haven’t determined blood THC levels fall under impairment. Take into account that THC levels also vary with the mode of ingestion as well. Such a question like “can you drive on CBD” is somewhat precise in this case.

Marijuana products, CBD and THC, affect people differently.  Although some people continue to function normally or even better after using CBD, some may say they feel better taking a break from work. So driving while on CBD is a matter of choice.

If you consume CBD oil with some THC in it, you might be impaired and unfit to drive. Impairment from adulterated CBD use can result in penalties and fines. It might also result in personal and social conflict that could change your life for the worse.

When Can You Drive On CBD Unbothered?

Another question that most people wonder about is when you can drive on CBD and not get bothered by authorities. CBD is a substance that many physicians prescribe. Police in Canada are aware of this matter and follow the laws to ensure users are protected.

Having a prescription card from your physician can go a long way in protecting your driving rights. If you have experienced an issue with the authorities due to CBD use while driving, you can produce the prescription and even explain how it works for you.

Driving under the influence of any substance, whether medical, therapeutic, or recreational, is your choice. You can choose to drive on CBD, or you can decide to rest a bit. It all depends on how you feel after consuming the substance.

Getting clean CBD products can also help boost your confidence as a driver. You will drive more relaxed and sure that you used a product a will not impair your judgment in any way. Canada has vendors who can supply you with suitable strains.

Final Words

Freedom to use marijuana products comes with the responsibility of ensuring your safety and others’. So can you drive on CBD oil and be responsible for your life and others? Your answer depends on how well you administer CBD oil and its effects.

If you choose to start using CBD, ensure that you withhold from experimenting with it since it may fail to produce the results you want. Try and look into what different drivers have said about their experience using CBD and driving. 

Knowing what others have to say about CBD could guide you on how to use the substance as a driver.


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