Vaping Vs. Smoking Weed: Is Vaping Better?


We all know the dangers of smoking these days, and for a good reason. It is one of the worst decisions you can make about your health. Further, it is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the world. Therefore, if you’re a chain smoker, this is the right stage to stop the habit. 

And yes, most smokers would want to quit the habit. Unfortunately, it is not easy. However, what most people don’t know is, using the best vaporizers can help you safely quit the habit. There are several benefits of switching from smoking to vaping that are waiting for you to make the transition. These include: 

  1. Reduces the Harmful Lung Effects of Smoking 

There’s a lot of misinformation regarding the safety of vaping in society. Most people see vaping as dangerous as smoking, which isn’t the case. 

According to studies, vaping is 95 better for your health than smoking. Even better, it can help you reduce your daily intake if not quitting the habit altogether. 

But how? The vaping liquid contains fewer chemicals than what’s present in cigarette smoke. Even better, it doesn’t stay in your lungs like tar when you smoke. Most people who switch to vaping realize great health-related benefits like easier breathing, low blood pressure, a better immune system, and a higher sense of taste and smell. 

2. Cheaper Than Smoking 

Yes, vaping is much cheaper than smoking marijuana. According to studies, vaping converts upwards of 46 percent of the THC component in marijuana to vapor. However, smoking manages a paltry 25 percent THC conversion. This means you’ll need to smoke twice the amount you vape to get the same satisfaction. Now add the health risks associated with the increased smoke in your lungs including cancer. The cost of buying twice the product and treating the diseases exceeds the investment one makes when switching to vaping. 

3. Not Dangerous to Third Parties 

For years, scientists have studied the impacts of secondhand smoke on people. The conclusion, smoking is not only harmful to the smoker but also to those closest to them. The smoke that’s emitted to the environment contains harmful cancer-causing chemicals. This smoke is dangerous as it may cause these diseases to people and children who inhale it: 

  • Higher risks of respiratory diseases like pneumonia and bronchitis 
  • Higher risk of ear, throat, and nose infections 
  • Higher risk of asthma attacks 
  • Higher risk of cot death 
  • Higher risk of heart diseases 
  • Increased risk of stroke 
  • Increased risk of lung cancer 

Vaping on the other hand doesn’t expose people to these risks. Likely everything else, there’s a lot to learn about vaping, but available evidence shows that the effects of secondhand vapor are negligible. 


For most people, pleasure drives the use of marijuana. however, regardless of whether you’re using marijuana for treatment or therapeutic relief, the benefits will come at a cost. And despite the usage, smoking cannabis is dangerous to your health. Combustion, and not cannabis are the culprit. The smoke contains cancer-causing chemicals just like cigarette smoke. Therefore, getting a safer alternative to ingest marijuana like vaping is the solution.


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