5 Subscription Gift Ideas For Your Colleagues That Work!


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unimaginable changes to the world. Zoom calls have taken over the conference rooms, and pajamas have become the go-to office clothing. While working from home may have felt exhilarating initially, many people now share a common sense of burnout. Many have also expressed their longing to return to their physical workplace and resume their everyday lives. 

While that might still take some time, there is no reason to stop socializing virtually with your colleagues and rekindling your pre-pandemic bonds. Special occasions such as birthdays, farewells, and anniversaries are not on hold for the pandemic. Little gestures such as a thoughtful present can go a long way in solidifying your professional relations amidst this crisis. So do not let these occasions pass!

But choosing the right gift for your colleagues can be pretty dicey. Professionalism and its subtleties mean you cannot just pick up anything that you come across. Yet, the common choices such as scented candles, cards, and chocolates only end up neglected in drawers.  Keeping the present situation in view, subscription gifts may be a wonderful gift that can appeal to all.

Choose The Right Subscription

Even among online subscriptions, there are plenty of choices today. All kinds of subscriptions too may not be appreciable for the corporate environment. Keeping your colleagues’ tastes and interests in mind can also guide you towards the right gift.

To make the situation simpler, here are some appropriate and practical subscription suggestions that you can pick out for your colleague:

  • VPN Subscription

Does your colleague spend a lot of time playing games online or surfing different types of content? Then a VPN subscription can be the perfect gift for them. Today cybersecurity has become a growing concern for all. Unless the proper measures are taken, scammers can hack devices and access sensitive information! Using a VPN service will keep your colleague safe from such malefactors online.

The VPN or Virtual Private Network creates an encrypted tunnel that others cannot snoop. It will also help your colleague get past geo-restrictions and watch content from around the world on their favorite streaming platform. Indeed there can be no greater gift than complete security!

  • Magazine And Book Subscription

Online magazine and book subscriptions are other great gifts that you can consider for your colleagues, especially for occasions such as retirement. While books have always been a popular gift, online subscriptions add more to it. With most online subscriptions, you can choose genres and topics that your colleague is interested in. And they’ll receive a monthly package of books and magazines that they enjoy the most.

Online subscriptions also mean they can access their favorite book anytime and anywhere! 

  • Fitness Subscription 

This gift is especially suitable for the fitness freaks in your office. Top fitness subscriptions offer live virtual sessions with leading trainers along with plenty of other resources on fitness. Some of them also have a consultation with dieticians included with them. Your colleagues can follow their advice and get a step closer to their fitness goals.

If you want to go a step further, you can also send them some fitness gear along with the subscription.

  • DIY Club Subscriptions

Does your colleague come to the office with a hand-crocheted bag? Or do they often upload pictures of their handicraft on the internet? Then a DIY Club subscription can be a meaningful and unique gift for them. While DIY videos may be available on YouTube, they are often very basic and not quite detailed.

The subscription can lead them to thousands of DIY videos shot by experts. Most of the clubs even have categories for niche interest. Your colleague can also upload their own handiwork and receive appreciation from the community. The DIY fans who have used such subscriptions swear that there can be no better gifts for creative minds. 

  • Professional Course Subscription

This is one gift that is especially befitting for your junior colleagues who are just starting their careers. You may have already realized how much that one extra certificate or one additional skill can help get the promotion. Become the guiding light for your juniors by giving them professional course subscriptions.

Different edu-tech platforms have come up with several flexible educational programs. Some of them also tie up with the most renowned universities and offer master classes by top educators. They can pursue any course that they like, and in the end, they will have an asset for their entire life.

Final Thoughts

It is rightly said that true happiness does not come from receiving gifts; it rather consists in giving them. The joy is compounded several folds when the gift is meaningful and reflects the thoughts of the giver. So put this list to good use and pick out the right gift for your colleague! 


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