10 Tips For Designing and Building The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Designing and Building The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

When summer arrives and the weather is perfect, we all want to enjoy the outdoors and our backyard more, and one way of doing so is by bringing your kitchen and entertaining outdoors. 

An outdoor kitchen can extend your living and entertaining spaces outdoors and add another area to your home for play and relaxation.

The following design tips and ideas will help you cook up the ideal outdoor kitchen design and turn your outdoor space into an outdoor dream place. 

Here are Somes Tips and Ideas

1.Assess the available space

We all want the most extensive outdoor kitchen possible, but it is important to assess your backyard’s amount of usable space. Is important to have enough room left for decorations and outdoor furniture to “wow” and entertain your guests.

We also want the space to be safe, and having ample room to move around with cooking tools and food will help achieve that.

2.Plan your layout

Give extra consideration to the layout of your new outdoor kitchen. L-shaped designs offer a sense of room division for the area and present excellent opportunities for extra countertop space.

Consider the best places for cold and hot zones for appliance placement. Remember that space for food preparation is essential, and likely you do not want to be preparing food next to a hot or smoky grill.

3.Consider your cooking style

Outdoor kitchen appliances can use gas, propane, electricity, or charcoal as fuel. Consider what type of foods you enjoy making and what grilling styles you love. A charcoal grill might be more suitable if you enjoy smoking meats, but if you enjoy cleaner cooking with less smoke and easy-to-use appliances, then gas and propane appliances will be a better fit for you.

If you enjoy preparing your meals while entertaining your guest, design the kitchen with plenty of counter space and good air ventilation. 

4.Choose your grill and other cooking appliances

The greatest advantage of an outdoor kitchen is the freedom of cooking and grilling without worrying about open flames, smoke, or smells. However, not all grills and outdoor appliances work well for everyone.

For example, consider gas or propane grills if you do not enjoy getting your hands dirty working with charcoal and are uncomfortable lighting charcoal. Propane grills burn cleaner and produce less smoke, and some models are as easy to operate as a kitchen stove. You can still turn a gas grill into a smoker using smoke boxes. 

However, if you are a hardcore BBQ backyard warrior, a gas grill might be the best choice. Nevertheless, you can set up a small gas grill and charcoal grill combo. 

Kamao style charcoal grills do look very elegant and can be a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. 

5. Install a pizza oven

Add a woodfire pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen to mix things up. Outdoor pizza ovens are trending and for the right reasons. These ovens open new opportunities for culinary creations and are a great way to make your kitchen more enjoyable and diverse. 

6.Include a dishwasher in your kitchen

Comforts like a dishwasher can cut cleanup time in half. This tip is often disregarded, but having the convince of cooking outdoors plus cleaning all the dishes outside without bringing any of the mess indoors will make your outdoor kitchen more versatile and enjoyable. 

7.Consider the climate

States like Florida will have more drastic weather patterns, so people in hot states like Florida may need a roof or a patio umbrella. If there is a way to avoid windy or sunny areas in your yard, incorporate those factors in your design.

If it rains often in the summer where you live, consider putting a patio awning or set your kitchen in a dryer area. It is a good idea to keep the appliances away from the elements.

8.Choose your materials wisely

Choose materials that are tough enough to withstand the elements but also easy to clean. High-grade Stainless steel is an excellent option for outdoor countertops, cabinet doors, and appliances. 

For those wanting a modern feel in their outdoor kitchen, tile is another excellent material to use. Available in a wide range of colors and textures, some tiles fit virtually any design and style. Tile is also easy to clean and maintain.

9.Extend your living space

An outdoor kitchen should blend with the landscape encompassing the decor of your home. Choose colors and textures that compliment and maintain the style of your home. You can extend your indoor living space by adding decor, colors, and material used in your house’s interior decoration.

10. Add some lighting

Adding some accent lighting or string of lights over outdoor areas will create ambiance. Add some tiki torches, warm vintage lights, and barn lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Extra Tip: Keep your space warm with a fireplace.

If your goal is the ultimate luxury outdoor kitchen, you need a fireplace to stay warm. For summer evenings, cook and cook in this outdoor kitchen look gorgeous. It will be the perfect place to cook in the sun.

Lastly, Plan your party.

Once a kitchen is built, you’re ready to start entertaining and grilling. There’s no better way to celebrate your accomplishment than celebrating with your friends and family. 

Find a good recipe, light up the grill, and spend the day cooking and enjoying friends and family. 


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