New BBQ Grill Smoker? Discover the Top 5 Wines That Pair Perfectly With Your Meal

New BBQ Grill Smoker

Summer is finally here, and you’ve taken your BBQ game up a notch by investing in that fancy new BBQ grill smoker. Now find the perfect wine to pair with your meal to create a mouthwatering feast every time. 

Bring Out the Best Flavors With the Right Wine

Smoking meat brings out sweet, rich flavors that are earthy with a touch of vanilla. Enhancing those robust flavors calls for a wine that is full-bodied with the right depth of fruit flavor.

Any time you strive to pair wine and food, your goal is always to complement the flavors of both the wine and the meal you’re serving.  Neither should overpower the other, so always strive for balance. 

To achieve this, you can either choose a vintage that complements your BBQ (acidic meat with an acidic wine) or contrasts the food (salty meat paired with a sweet wine.)

Finally, when selecting your wine, consider not only the type of meat you’re smoking but also the sauces, glazes, and rubs used to prepare the meat. 

Couple Pork with Rosé

Sweet and spicy, pork cooked in the styles known as Kansas City, “Wet” Memphis, or St. Louis-style BBQ call for a wine that can match the robust flavors the meat absorbs from the smoker. With a stronger, full-bodied flavor, a dark rosé goes well with a rich dish such as pork ribs. Rosé is moderately high in acidity and fresh with Réserve des Vignerons Saumur Rosé 2020 | 750 ml. out extra sugar that can bury flavor. 

Combine Beef With a Full-Bodied Red Wine

The savory, smoky, and black pepper seasoning of beef calls for a red wine blend that is earthy and full-bodied. Because red wines contain more tannins which can feel drying, they tend to enhance the fattiness found in red meat.

Perimeter Black | Dark Red Blend 2019 / 750 ml.   that’s smooth with raspberry jam and caramel notes.

Match White Wine With Fish

The fattier the fish, the more smoking it brings out its flavor.  To compliment smoked fish, go for a crisp white wine like 

This fruity and floral wine comes from Sardinia, Italy, and features citrus flavors that balance perfectly with smoked fish dishes like salmon or Chilean Sea Bass. 

Pair Wine With Poultry

Light meats served in smaller portions like chicken pair well with lighter wines such as sauvignon blanc. The fruity citrus flavors of the wine offer the ideal balance between the smoky chicken flavor and the refreshing taste of the wine. 

Hailing from New Zealand, South Sea Sauvignon Blanc features flavors of gooseberry, citrus, grapefruit, and lime, offering a balanced finish. 

These five delicious wines offer you the most pleasurable accompaniment to your smoked meals and should carry your menu to new heights throughout the summer grilling season.

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