Nathaniel Mell’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Art Class to Fuel Your Passion

the Perfect Art Class

Reinvigorating your passion through art keeps you inspired and happy. Choosing the perfect art class to fuel your passion, however, can be a challenge. What medium are you supposed to explore? What masters do you want to emulate, if any? Don’t let these questions overwhelm you. Instead, let Nathaniel Mell walk you through some of the critical thoughts you should consider before signing on with a local art workshop.

What Mediums Do You Enjoy?

As you’re exploring available courses, consider what artistic medium you’re the fondest of. Do you want to throw clay every day? Or do you prefer to work with paints? If you’re looking to stoke your passions, you’ll want to work in an artistic medium that interests you. Even if you don’t have any experience with a particular medium, consider which in your available catalog sounds the most intriguing. If something looks challenging or piques your curiosity, then that’s the best place for you to start.

What Masters Do You Admire?

Nothing’s more exciting than learning from an expert in your preferred field. With that in mind, take a closer look at the catalog of art courses in your area. Are there any visiting teachers who you’d love to learn from? Alternatively, are any of the courses focusing on techniques used by some of the old masters? If you’re particularly passionate about a specific stretch of art history, take the opportunity to deep-dive into that time.

Where Can You Improve?

Art isn’t always about improving. If you’re constantly painting, throwing clay, or working, though, then you’re going to see signs of improvement throughout your work. There may even come the point where you know you have to learn a new technique to express a certain idea. In these cases, it’s often best to take an art class that challenges you. Explore your catalog of art classes and see if there isn’t a teacher who specializes in the skill you want to perfect. 

Why Do You Make Art?

The elements that make art enjoyable for you aren’t going to be the same elements that make the practice fun for anyone else. As you start exploring potential art classes to take, then consider why you do what you do. 

Do you create art to meet other people? Do you want to improve your craft constantly? Do you like to share clever ideas with a broad audience? Once you answer this question, you can more easily choose a class that suits your needs. For example, figure study courses are ideal for folks looking to meet people and improve their craft. Comparatively, an artistic marketing course may better suit someone looking to grow their creative audience.

About Nathaniel Mell

As founder and CEO of Felt+Fat, Nathaniel Mell appeared in Forbes 30 under 30 for his pioneering efforts in designer ceramics. Nowadays, Felt+Fat produces over 30,000 pieces for the hospitality industry, striving to create art that exemplifies the work of chefs around the world.



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