Alternative Energy Sources for Charging Your Phone and Watch

Energy Sources for Charging

Owning a smartphone and smartwatch is great for helping you to get the best out of every moment but charging your devices can put a strain on your energy bills. Plus, in a world that needs to find new and better ways of helping the environment, draining electricity can lead to a negative impact on climate change. As an alternative, you could opt for a range of new tech solar smartwatches which are coming to the market from the big brands.  Let’s see about alternative energy sources for charging your phone and watch. If you can’t live without your devices but want a new way to top up your charge, then we have some great solutions for you to choose from! 

3 Solar Charger By Big Blue

Solar charging is the obvious choice when it comes to eco-friendly power, and the 3 Solar Charger by Big Blue is one of the simplest designs to choose from. Simply unfold the solar mat to expose four panels to the sun and then plug your devices into the USB port. There is the capacity for multiple devices to be charged at the same time, allowing you to get everything powered up and ready to go.

Renology Multi Mode Solar Charger

If you want access to a charger and flashlight all in one, then this device is for you. Plus, it comes with an internal battery so that you can leave your charging until after dark as long as you remember to place the unit outside during the day. This device is not for everyday charging and is more geared up for people who need an emergency power source when they are away from home.

Venture 30 Solar Kit

If you need something that can perform in all weathers, then the Venture 30 Solar Kit is the solution you have been looking for. The solar panel needs around nine hours to charge sufficiently, but it can cope with drizzles and even a couple of splashes without getting damaged. This is thanks to its IPX7 rating. Each full charge is said to be able to charge a smartphone up to five times before it needs to be recharged!

Nomad 10 by Goal Zero

If you want a charging option that is portable and lightweight, then the Nomad 10 is a great choice. It folds in to and weighs less than 500g, making it easy to slide into your bag whenever you are off out for the day. When unfolded, it is around the size of an A4 sheet of paper and comes with a handy kickstand to help you achieve the best charging angle every time.

Balvor Solar Bank

If you want a budget-friendly charging option that comes with a flashlight and compass, then the Balvor Solar Bank is a great choice! You can soak up the sun and then charge your device wirelessly or via a cable, making it more accessible than other options on the market. The design of this charger is also great as it is tough and comes with an IPX4 rating, meaning that if it gets splashed with water, it will still function properly!

X-Dragon’s SunPower Solar Charger

Last but not least is the SunPower Charger by X-Dragon! This device was made for those that love the great outdoors and who want a trusty way to charge their devices on the go. Not only does this device fold out to a whopping 58 centimeters, but it also comes with the clips needed to attach it to a backpack for optimal charging when you are trekking. The charger can charge two devices at the same time, so you are never left without power when you need it.

Summary of Alternative Energy Sources

In this review, we tried to give good examples and ideas on how you could charge your devices in a friendly way. Hope you found this useful.


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