Rebuilding a Relationship: 3 Ways to Bring Back What You Had

rebuilding a relationship

Things fall apart — it’s a fact of life. While it can be extremely sad to see the relationship you’ve built with the person of your dreams fall to pieces, you’re not alone.

Relationships can fall apart for a wide number of reasons; from the vast amount of complex psychological problems of a relationship to the very immediate and difficult challenge of infidelity. The point is, however, to focus on the mission to rebuild.

Rebuilding a relationship isn’t easy, but it isn’t as hard as it seems. This article will walk you through a few things you can do to get your relationship back on track.

1. Talk

You may assume that because you and your partner have been together for so long time long, they can just sense what you’re feeling. It isn’t true. Human beings convey thoughts through specific and pointed language; symbols are life.

There are many, many, many reasons why a lack of communication is one of the most important reasons why relationships break apart. A lack of communication means a lack of understanding. If you’ve found yourself experiencing the sensation of feeling as though you don’t even know your own partner, it’s time to talk and rebuild.

2. Take Responsibility

This is particularly important in rebuilding a relationship after betrayal. If you want to have any hope in getting what you once had back, you’re both going to need to own up to what you did.

This could be as simple, direct, and brave as accepting the fact that one of you cheated. That you were in the wrong. It could also be as complex and day-to-day as realizing that you’re an angry person, and need to make small adjustments.

3. See a Counselor

Many people dread the idea of seeing any kind of therapist — let alone a marriage counselor. After all, the issue is between you and your spouse. Why should you need some third party to step in and insert their opinions?

Well, that might just be what you need.

Rebuilding your relationship means stepping outside of yourself and understanding the consequences your actions have. This is hard to do when you’re constantly fighting for your own side. Having a trained professional there to help you work through your feelings is crucial in rebuilding trust in a relationship.

A marriage counselor we found, Richard Steinzeig, LCSW strives to help people like you take the steps for rebuilding a relationship after infidelity.

Rebuilding a Relationship

Rebuilding a relationship is a lot of work. It’s a process of taking the time, energy, and emotional strength to work towards a common goal with someone that you might just not have a great connection with anymore. However, the reward of getting closer and closer will help push you along.

Consider talking, taking responsibility, and seeing a counselor if you want to gain back the spark you once had.

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