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Do you want to become a live cam model, but don’t want to do it alone? If so, then you can look into the new cam girls studios business model today. Apart from the advantage of getting huge earnings when working with an agency, camming is a competitive business. 

So, unless you have the time to spend on marketing you while camming at the same time to achieve better income, we recommend you join an agency. In this article, we would enlighten you on reasons to join an agency or cam girl studio and what are the best agencies to join like CamSoda review

Why use an agency or cam girl studio? 

People decide to become a cam model for several reasons. However, the two biggest motivations for joining the camming industry are flexibility and making more money. If flexibility is your aim, being your boss and taking full control over your content and time, then why should you join an agency or studio? 

Well, the simple truth is that being successful with camming isn’t about being eager or attractive to please viewers online. It is also about being organized, business acumen, and hard-working to make it pay and pay well. As such, when you are a part of a professional cam studio or agency you get more opportunity to take your broadcasts to the next level by: 

  • Providing you with a modern, safe and secure space from which you can broadcast 
  • Offer you high-quality broadcasting equipment 
  • Provides models with qualified advice and training about how to maximize their cam earnings 
  • Access to camming industry events and professionals 
  • Efficient admin back-up to make sure you get paid correctly and on time 

What are the best new studios for cam girls? 

Now that you know the advantage of being in an agency, let’s look at some of the best new studios for cam girls. Below are five of our favorite professional studios that help facilitate a workspace for cam girls. 

1. CamSoda Studio 

First on our list is the CamSoda studio. It’s one of our top choices because they just launched a new pop-up studio for cam girls. These studios are quite easy to come by and they provide models with a workspace where they don’t have to worry about bothering their family or housemate with their potential loud and erotic work. This CamSoda studio came about as a result of the recent hardship in the real estate market causing them to convert warehouses in the city into studios. A test run of this concept was recently opened in Colombia, Medellin. 

2. Studio 20 

Studio 20 is another top professional studio operating mainly from within Romania. They have 10 studio locations in Bucharest, in the capital, and four other regional venues around the country. In addition to this, they also have studios in other parts of the world like Budapest, Cali, Bogota, and Los Angeles. Studio 20 has won several industry awards like the Gold Certification with the popular cam site Jasmin Live. 

3. Rich Girls Studio 

Rich Girls Studio is another professional studio in Europe with three studios in Romania and Bucharest. They are a highly successful Eastern European camming agency. Rich Girls studio is a luxurious brand that has won a lot of industry awards to comment on its business model. Some of these awards include LiveCamAward 2019 as the Best Live Cam Marketing Strategy, LAL EXPO 2019 as the Best International Cam Studio, and AW WARDS 2018 as the Best Training Programme. 

4. Charm Group Studio 

One of the largest live cam girl studios based in Romania is the Charm Group Studio. Charm Group Studio is a European professional studio that incorporates several studios including its flagship, the Charm Studios. Charm Group Studio has 13 rooms with around 45 live chat models in its main studio. Today, the Charm Group Studio has so grown that they now own other brands such as Manequeen and Allure. 

5. Angels Studio 

Angels Studio is based in Timisoara, Romania which is near the borders of Serbia and Hungary and has been in operation since 2011. Angels Studio is a professional outfit with awards from the local Chamber of Commerce for over 4 years now. Although their studios are somewhat small, they are quite modern and include the latest broadcasting technology including a professional camera and 4k screens. 


In conclusion, this new studio business model for cam girls is what’s trending today It comes with several advantages including a higher payout. So, if you are a model who wants to go into the camming industry, don’t think about joining an agency twice, pick the best one and enjoy the full benefits of this new business model. 


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