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Next to PayPal, Neteller is probably the most popular provider that online casinos also like to use. While PayPal is often not available in online casinos, every online casino offers Neteller. With the London Stock Exchange-doped payment method, electronic funds can be transferred with a simple Internet connection and in accordance with the processes and banking laws. Neteller was founded in 1999 and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Neteller has offices all over the world, has revolutionized the transfer of funds on the Internet, and offers a user-friendly homepage with free registration.

How does Neteller work?

Thousands of users use Neteller to transfer money securely and conveniently over the Internet. It takes only a few seconds and is an easy way to make transfers between different bank accounts.

Users have a username and password that they must enter each time they log in to Neteller. Users only need to enter their details and private bank coordinates once, and then they can transfer money in real-time. You can make deposits and withdrawals to another bank account, to another user’s Neteller account or to thousands of sites of different online merchants. Neteller offers several transfer methods: bank transfers are the most in-demand, but you can also get checks, which they receive within a few days.

How long does it take to deposit and withdraw with Neteller?

According to our Neteller experience, this payment method is very cragfast. In fact, Neteller is in no way inferior to PayPal and is even cheaper in some cases. Since Neteller is owned by Paysafecard, the service has also become quite a bit better. In short, Neteller is a great way to pay online for any products or services, but especially in the field of online casinos, the e-wallet with Paysafe and Skrill is one of the best options. Whether you play poker, or roulette doesn’t matter of course – sometimes there are even special bonuses for deposits with Neteller.

When you withdraw with Neteller, it takes only 24 hours in most cases, instead of 72 hours as with bank transfers. Actually, though, it could be instant, because the 24 hours are only for processing at the casino, the actual transfer takes only a few seconds. On the other hand, at some casinos you have the chance to get a bonus when using e-wallets. As a VIP, payments are always free at most Online Cricket Betting ID, no matter how often or how much you withdraw.

However, we will show you not only how to transfer money between Neteller and an account in the casino, but also how to operate the eWallet at Neteller.

How can you deposit money to your Neteller account?

There are several ways to deposit money into your Neteller account. In the table below you can find the approved options, the associated fees, and other details. You can also use your cell phone to make deposits via app or website. As with Skrill, you can use a bank account or credit card for this purpose. So, as a Neteller user, you not only have security but also excellent convenience. However, if something does not work or you have a question, the support is there for you until the evening hours.

Deposit option Duration  Fees
MasterCard/Visa Credit Card  In Real-Time 1.75%
Debit card In Real-Time 1.75%
Bank deposit 2 to 5 business days Free of charge
International bank transfer 2 to 3 business days Free of charge

? How can you withdraw money from your Neteller account?

It is not always clear how to withdraw money from your account. However, it is actually very simple. You can use a withdrawal method like bank transfer after Neteller login, or use a Neteller card. The latter is free of charge, as is the transfer to another customer’s Neteller account. In the following table you will find all options clearly listed:

Withdrawal method Duration  Fees
Neteller  1 business day See table Fees Pre-Paid Card
Check (standard shipping) Depending on country EUR: 7,5 €
Check (express shipping) Depending on country EUR: 25 €
International bank transfer 3 to 5 business days EUR: 7.5 €


? How many fees do I have to pay with Neteller?

If you decide to use the credit card, you need to have a small amount in advance on the account and then you will receive the card by mail within a few days. As with other providers like Moneybookers Skrill, you will incur fees when using the card worldwide. Here are the fees associated with a Neteller Prepaid MasterCard that you pay with your balance.

Transaction  Fees in Euro
Money transfer to your prepaid card
From your Neteller account €0.75
ATM withdrawal fees and payment fees
ATM withdrawal  3 €
Purchase with card Free of charge
Administrative costs
Activation of the card 7,5 €
New card in case of loss 3 €
Exchange fees 1,9%
Administration fees 15 €


? Can I get a casino bonus with a Neteller deposit?

If you choose Neteller, you can be sure that you will have absolutely no problems in most online casinos. With some payment methods, it may be that you are limited in the casino. For many providers, it also means that you may not receive a welcome bonus when you sign up and deposit for the first time. With Neteller, however, you don’t have to worry about this because the e-wallets are supported by the casino operators.

The good thing is that there are absolutely no fees involved, so you can use Neteller completely for free. Nevertheless, you will not receive any promotion from the payment provider when you sign up. Some banks and account providers promise their customers a bonus or some starting balance and want to entice you to sign up.

Welcome bonus available with Neteller?

With a welcome offer, you usually get 100% of your deposit up to an average of 500 euros. So this also means that the amount of your deposit depends on the amount of your bonus. Thanks to Neteller, you can also deposit higher amounts within a few seconds. This is also completely free and faster than an account at a bank. As a payment method, Neteller is with other e-wallets the fastest way to send money for free and without a fee.

To what extent you can also get bonuses by using Neteller, you can also always ask again directly. You can do this even before you open an account in an online casino. Otherwise, also use the list of best online slots that accept Neteller deposits and still receive a bonus.

Does it make sense to use Neteller at the casino?

If you have been using Neteller for a long time, then you will notice that the payment provider also cooperates with casinos. Thus, the latest casino bonuses are sometimes advertised on Neteller and you can find a casino to play directly from your account. How many percent of players actually come to Neteller as an account option is not entirely clear, but at least there is a connection. And it is also worthwhile for the operators of the casinos, of course, because even someone who already plays regularly in the casino is thus informed about the latest and current offers and after a break from playing perhaps also animated to log in and play again.

So, if you do not have a Neteller account, nor any other e-wallet, then we definitely recommend giving the provider a chance. The account can also coexist with a bank account and may be easier to navigate than, say, a credit card or an account at a local bank. The main reason, of course, is that it’s available online and you don’t have to struggle to make transfers, receive payments and keep track of your account activity. In all respects, there is nothing to stop you from signing up with Neteller, whether you want to use it to deposit at the casino or not!

? How do I find a casino with a Neteller payment option?

Our experience has shown that almost every online casino has included e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller in their payment options.

This way, you can play faster and not spend a lot of time waiting for your money. Within seconds, you can transfer money to your player account and wager it on a table or slot machine. Of course, the withdrawal of your winnings is just as fast. Money you send reaches the recipient within seconds.

? Can I also use Neteller outside online casinos?

Of course, there are many online casinos that offer Neteller as a payment option and where you can pay without any problems. But the provider has already arrived outside of casinos as well.

You can have Neteller send you a Mastercard directly. This card is a PrePaid credit card with which you can pay anywhere. This way you can also send money via a credit card and not only via the original Neteller account. The whole thing also costs only 10€ a year and of course, you can use the account and the credit card as often and as long as you want. Especially if you plan to use your Neteller account outside the online casino, this is a very convenient solution. With this card, you can withdraw money at any ATM with the Neteller logo.

As a means of payment, Neteller is always worthwhile. This is mainly because you can use it anywhere and anytime. If you download the app, then you can also monitor your finances on the go and on the go. This way, you can also make deposits via the app and always keep an overview of what is currently going on in your account.

? What is Neteller’s loyalty program?

If you should decide to use your Neteller account even more often, then you can definitely upgrade to a VIP. This happens when you have run a certain amount of turnover through the account. If this is the case, then the payment provider will contact you and inform you about it. From this point on, you will also benefit from special offers, can enjoy faster and more direct support, and can also participate in special promotions every now and then. However, you will actually only reach this status if you have achieved it in connection with one or more online casinos.

So if you have a lot of other money running through your Neteller account, this does not mean that you can achieve a VIP status with it. If you would like to learn more about this, we recommend that you check out Neteller’s site or contact their staff. You can do this by email, as long as you are not a VIP member.

If you are then sure that you want to use Neteller, you can already start playing at the casino without any complications. As already mentioned, Neteller is accepted at almost all casino providers and is available to you. If in doubt, you can simply look under the menu item deposit in the online casino which different methods are offered to you. As a rule, you will also find Neteller and other e-Wallets that are made available to you.



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