Downsize for Retirement to Upsize your Lifestyle: Selecting the Right Retirement Village

Downsize for retirement

Downsize for retirement is more than just about letting go of the high maintenance of your house. It is about living a peaceful and fulfilled life after your retirement. It is about finding a community and a home to enjoy the new chapter of your life without the stress. Retirement villages are the most preferred choice for many retired couples. 

A retirement village is a housing complex or a residential community for older adults who want to live comfortably and thoroughly enjoy their retirement. However, selecting the right retirement village is crucial to ensure you enjoy the lifestyle you are hoping for.

So, let’s have a look at the crucial things to look for in a retirement village:

Location is Vital

Location is certainly the key when it comes to selecting the retirement village. This is the right place to start; after all, you are deciding the house you would live in for the remainder of your life.

Determine whether you want to live in a city or away from the hustle-bustle. You might want to live near your loved ones or you might want to make a bigger move to a different state or city.

The location of the retirement village is the most important and effective place to start your search.

Accommodation Preference

You should love the place you live. You don’t have to settle for anything. After working your entire life, you certainly deserve to be a little picky about the place you are considering to live after retirement.

Start by determining what type of accommodation you want. Do you want to live in a house or an apartment? Do you want to wake up to a beautiful view? Would you rather have a beautiful large garden or a spacious house?

Retirement villages, like Alondra Residences, come in all sizes and shapes with numerous other options. Make sure you make a list of things you want in your accommodation to narrow down the search.

Available Facilities

Facilities and services offered by the retirement villages might vary depending on several factors. The main things you should consider is what facilities you might require currently and in your future.

Does the village offer cleaning services or day-to-day assistance? What about food preparation services? Are there one-unit houses, or are there apartments available as well? Do they provide hospital care services?  If you might need hospital-level care in the future, it is best to be in a place that provides such assistance.

Moreover, it is also wise to determine which facilities are available nearby. Do you prefer to have shops nearby where you can just walk to? Do you want access to community and health services close by?

The more facilities and services offered at the retirement village, the more comfortable and stress-free your life can be.

Sense of Security

Security should be one of your top considerations. Of course, you would want to feel safe in your house. Numerous houses in retirement villages have security systems and even emergency call systems if you need immediate assistance.

It is also ideal for checking out the overall layout of the house and consider your and your partner’s needs. Do you or your partner require a wheelchair? If so, the house should be wheelchair friendly.

You must consider your needs or any concerns you might have in the future to ensure you select the right place to live your retirement. Be sure to talk to the management and discuss your needs.

Many retirement villages can accommodate the needs by making minor adjustments and modifications to make you and your partner comfortable.

Social Activities

Do you love to engage in outdoor activities?

From reflection gardens to a tennis center, you will find numerous activities to keep you entertained and engaged in the retirement villages. Be sure to inquire about the amenities and activities offered in the place you are considering.

An ideal retirement village is one that offers plenty of social activities while also being in close distance to the major attractions so that you can have more options to choose from.

The Overall Vibe

Don’t forget to take a grand tour of the place because, many times, when you know, you know.

If the place feels like home, it most probably is.

Being around like-minded people can be a major deciding factor for many when it comes to selecting the retirement village. Ask questions and talk to the residents to get a better idea of the place.

Downsizing for retirement doesn’t just have to mean opting for a smaller house. You can go for an independent living community that provides you with numerous new opportunities. Making a home in a retirement village can start an exciting new chapter in your life without affecting your lifestyle.



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