Best of Bethesda: Using Trusted Dumpster Rentals in Bethesda

Trusted Dumpster Rentals

Leaving waste and unwanted material lying around causes a huge discomfort in terms of smell and occupying limited space. This can easily be disposed of using a dumpster but what if you do not own one? In this article, you will get to know about using trusted dumpster rentals in Bethesda.

Dumpsters are waste containers that can be moved from one place to another with the help of a vehicle specially designed for this purpose. Dumpsters are mainly used to store trash until a garbage truck is brought to dispose of it. They also serve several other purposes including recycling.

Renting dumpsters should be without hassle. However, there are certain things one should know before renting a dumpster to avoid having an unpleasant experience. Using professional rental companies also makes the process easier. This is because they recommend the right bin size, deliver and pick it up without delay, and ensuring a proper clean-up of the environment. You should check out any of the different Bethesda dumpster rental companies to know which will serve you best.

Types of Dumpsters

The following are some common types:

Roll-Off Dumpster

This is perfectly suited for remodeling, landscaping jobs, and construction projects. It comes in large capacities with available sizes from 10 to 40 yards making it possible to be filled with lots of waste before it will need to be emptied. This feature gives room for more work without interruptions. It is often loaded on the truck with a robotic arm, sled, or winch.

Commercial Dumpster

This comes in front or rear loader types according to how they are loaded or dumped. It has a medium capacity with a maximum size of 8 yards. This kind is ideal for apartment buildings and commercial environments making it possible to be shared by multiple businesses.


This trash bin is fully enclosed and allows you to use a metal blade to compress the garbage inside. This ensures that trash is not blown away, it equally reduces issues with odor and insects. However, it has no connection to electricity and costs more upfront. It is ideal for hospitals, hotels, and recycling centers. Available sizes range from 2 to 40 yards. 

Specialty Dumpsters

This waste container has rubber tires making it the right option for heated or stamped driveways. It is easily placed in places that are hard to reach and can be dragged behind a regular truck. It is ideal for home projects that are small or medium-sized. The minimum available size is 10 yards while the maximum is 25 yards.

Major Uses of Dumpsters

These garbage cans serve as an excellent solution for waste management ensuring that the trash is organized until the filled can is taken for disposal. There are several other uses of dumpsters and we have outlined some of them below:

To Declutter the Home

Getting rid of unwanted stuff in the house can be time-consuming if you constantly have to carry the things to the local dumpsite. Garbage cans make the task much easier as old furniture, appliances, or yard debris can be collected at once in the dumpster.

Clean-up of Construction Site

A waste container ensures that the construction area is always kept tidy as dirt is easily accumulated. The size of the dumpster used will be decided by the size of the project.

Disposing Asbestos

This silicate mineral is dangerous and should be disposed of properly in line with health and environmental control standards. Rental companies also explain the right way to package this and discard it at the landfill.

Asbestos is considered to be very harmful to human health. You may wish to read more about it here

Tips to Renting a Dumpster

Here are some tips to guide you:

Gather your Waste

Before renting a waste container, it is proper to collect all the dirt in one area to decide the right size required for removing the waste. Select a proper location where the trash can easily be collected into the bin.

Choose the Right Size

This is important to avoid selecting the wrong size that is either too small or too large. There is a wide range of sizes to choose from so consider your project needs before going ahead.

Partner with a Professional

Work with a well-respected company to get quality service. Carry out proper research to hire the best one around your vicinity.

Rental Period Policy

Pay close attention to the rental duration policy of the company. The normal rental period is one week for a dumpster. While some companies might be lenient and give you an extension, some others are very strict on the duration. Knowledge of this will help you avoid problems with the company.

These are some tips to help with waste disposal to keep residential and commercial environments tidy. If you need other tips on how to maintain the environment, you can check here:


Having an agreement with a reputable rental company will ensure a smooth drop-off of the dumpster and subsequent pick-up, preventing any disappointments. Choosing the right size is also important to avoid being stuck with a spillover or a waste container with more space than what is required. 



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