5 things to note before booking tickets

things to note before booking tickets

Travelling is a way to escape reality to have a moment. Travel experts have said that travelling shapes your perception. When you travel, you get to witness different cultures and interact with different kinds of people. You learn ways of life and can also include your learnings in your day-to-day lives to enrich your own lifestyle. Readout this article for the 5 things to note before booking tickets.

However, travelling is not always carried out because of leisure and vacation purposes. We need to visit different cities and countries due to work too. Let that be an interview lined up in another state, or a business meeting with clients living in a different city than yours, or simply a discussion with some of your potential clients to convert them, the reasons can be unlimited. 

Although the current world scenario is not much in favour of travelling due to the pandemic and the risk of highly infectious disease, you still cannot avoid some trips which you might be taking with all the precautions, we assume. 

It merely establishes what an integral part trips are in the life of a human. So, in this article, we are covering 5 things that everyone must note before proceeding to book a travel ticket. 

1. Online or Offline

With the rise of digitization, and the convenience of booking a ticket on various websites, many customers have chosen to book an online ticket. This doesn’t only need them to skip visiting the travel office but also comes with its perks. For example, booking online has a bunch of discounts and rewards attached. You could get a perk if you refer a fellow passenger, or you can simply get discounts if it’s your first time booking on that website.

You could check all the options of different flights and airlines or bus services to decide which one you would go ahead with. In an offline scenario, you would have to visit all the different offices in order to find out the same information. Online booking saves your time and money. It would be wiser especially in today’s time to book tickets online. 

Although offline booking seems old, it has its own unique advantages as well. For example, you can interact directly with a human assistant instead of booking a ticket by yourself. If you live alone, you can socialise at the office, which you wouldn’t be able to do so effectively online. 

2. Discounts

The platform you use to book your travel tickets should be considered while booking your tickets. Mainly because different websites provide different features, prices and discounts. You can get up to 10% discount on flights from HappyEasyGo, which you may not find with other platforms. Thus it is crucial to check out different websites before you make a final booking. 

3. Price fluctuations

The price of airlines depends on many factors and changes as per months, seasons and even occasions. For example, you would find the prices more during peak festivals and very low during off-seasons. Many tourist destinations show huge fluctuations on and off-season days. Usually, the prices are also very high and near the travel date. So if you are planning to take a trip shortly, it would be a better idea to book your ticket quite in advance to avoid falling into the pit of heavily expensive price tickets.

Last moment plans are a reality and sometimes cannot be avoided. In these cases, there are a bunch of ways that will reduce the cost of the tickets for you. Depending on which platform you are booking the tickets on, you would be able to save in different ways.

4. Policies

You will find different options and policies on different travel booking websites. You may get a full refund for cancellations in some, while you would be charged a cancellation fee for a few others. That makes it important to check out all the policies and rules before you make a travel reservation.

5. Entry requirements

You may also have to give a thought to the documents that you need in order to visit the place you are booking the ticket for. Some countries have a visa on landing policy while some others need you to provide a valid visa before booking tickets. Other than that, you may have to have a proper reason for visiting another country and the necessary documents for the same. 


That was just about ticket booking. That’s when the  experience of travelling starts from. Yes, we would argue that it stars much before you take that actual trip. Booking the tickets, preparing for the trip. juggling between important engagements to make time for the plan are all a part of the travel experience. So once you are done with booking the tickets the right way, you got plenty of time until the travel date to manage all the other essentials. 

The most important aspect of the travel experience is to enjoy it. So do not forget to bring back memories home which you cherish later. Either keep them in your album, or frame it on the walls, but reliving past experience brings back the adrenaline, and if it is a past trip you are reminiscing, you are sure to get some.




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