12 Important Things To Do Before Every Trip 

Every Trip 

The preparatory phase of a trip, the excitement for the new adventure to be met, and the organization of the suitcase are all moments, more or less beautiful, which are part of the process that precedes any trip. But emotion and happiness can play tricks in the moments that precede the great departure, making us forget some essential things in the rush to leave Read on further to know about the 12 important things to do before every trip.

I know that many of us travelers like adventure, the thrill of improvisation, but the truth, let’s face it, is that, especially if we don’t have all the time in the world to “get lost” in our wanderings, it is really important to get informed, organize well and take all possible precautions before leaving. 

In this blog, I accompany you in preparing your next trip with a to-do list to follow to the letter for a trip without surprises. Let’s see them together one by one and then you can get Online flight booking. 

Check all documents 

Always make sure that your identity card is valid for expatriation and has not expired and check, in case, that the country you are going to visit does not require special visas. In this case, inquire well in advance: waiting times may be long and sometimes require more effort than you think. 

If you leave Europe, remember that you will need a passport. The paperwork for obtaining a new passport, or for its renewal, usually takes between 2 and 20 days, so be careful to take enough time to complete all the procedures before departure. 

Insurance and vaccinations 

Health first of all! Some countries claim special vaccinations, so before leaving make sure you have the vaccination booklet in order and if it is mandatory to undergo certain vaccines in order to enter the country. 

It is also important to have these types of injections well in advance to avoid short-term repercussions and to ensure they are active during the trip. Another important aspect is insurance. Before leaving, get one that is suitable for the country you will visit so that you can travel safely and without worries. 

Find out about the local culture and learn a few words 

“When in Rome do as the Romans do”. Each country has its own culture, traditions and a language that conveys and encloses them. It could therefore be essential to be able to learn a

few commonly used words or phrases in the language of the country that will host you, even if only to be able to really get in touch with the local population and create a closer relationship. 

Fortunately, today learning a new language is no longer so difficult thanks to technology, as there are apps for Android and iOS, such as Babbel for example, which can help a lot when studying a foreign language both before and during the trip. 

Through the use of these applications, in fact, you can practice simulating some simple conversations or improve your language skills wherever you are. In fact, to fully learn a new language, it is necessary to practice it all the time. 

Packing the suitcase paying attention to the combinations 

Before filling the suitcase with clothes that you will never wear, try to create as many looks as possible with up to 10 items of clothing. Jeans and trousers to combine with t-shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts and a dress a little chicer. Finally, the shoes: comfortable and suitable for long walks. 

Before leaving, however, always remember to also check the weather and temperatures, to avoid feeling too cold or hot while traveling and therefore prepare a suitcase suitable for the place you are about to visit. 

Find out about the route and means of transport 

If you like the comfort of your car and prefer to travel with your adventure friend, the idea is to always carry maps. In certain places, in fact, the GPS or internet connection may not work, and you risk getting lost. 

If, on the other hand, you go to a foreign country and decide to rent a car, always pay attention to the navigator, which could be set in the local language. Another important aspect, then, is to make sure that the driving license you possess is also valid in the foreign country you will visit. 


When we think of the suitcase we usually only worry about weight, size, liquids, and non-transportable objects, is it important for? also check that they do not contain valuables such as jewels, money, computers that it is always better to always carry with you. It is also a good idea to use a padlock for greater security, always keep it in sight and even for suitcase insurance is always a good idea. 

Health and hygiene

Health First of all! It is very important to check if in the country where we are going there are certain diseases for which it is important to get vaccinated. It is always a good idea to bring some basic medicines because we never know how easily we will find them. 

If we have allergies or intolerances, do not forget to bring antihistamines and always check the ingredients of the food we will eat. Always remember that hygiene standards vary from country to country, so find out where you are going to eat if possible. 

It is a good idea to bring a sheet and a pillowcase with you especially if you decide to sleep in a hostel to save money. 

Travel apps and maps 

Everyone knows TripAdvisor and it is a great tool to get an idea of the places we will visit on our vacation. You can also read the blogs of travelers who have already visited the country and download a pdf of a map. 

There are some incredibly useful apps to download and have on your smartphone desktop before any trip: XE, AroundMe, Google Translate, FlightAware, SAS Survival Guide, LoungeBuddy, Triplt, Flush, CityMapper, Maps.me, First Aid, WeatherPro, Prey Anti-theft, Touchnote, Yuggler, Wifispc. Find out all of them, the useful thing is that most of these apps do not require a data connection. 

Country language and currency 

Before leaving to check what the language of the country is, you can think of buying a small dictionary, there are some with basic communication phrases. Find out about the possibility of using your credit card in the host country, be careful, unlock the international option to be able to use it abroad. Also, check the fees applied to withdraw money and think about carrying enough cash if they are high. 


The climate is not to be underestimated, check the weather before leaving to find out what clothes to bring with you and if you need an umbrella, you don’t want to ruin your holiday due to too hot or cold. 

Electrical outlets 

Check with a simple online search the type of sockets in the country, it is essential to stay connected (unless you want to isolate yourself from the world) and bring an adapter with you for convenience if necessary.

Numbers of emergency 

It is a good practice to look up the country’s emergency numbers before leaving and write them down not only on the phone but also on paper for any emergency. 

Finally, if you will face the journey by means of transport, make sure that in that period they work regularly if it is possible to make weekly passes and what are the best means to get around. 

Sometimes, caught in the pre-departure euphoria, it does not always remind us to check everything we need to leave prepared. Fortunately, if you decide to follow the checklist seen today, there will be no more problems.


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