Best Albuquerque HVAC Contractors – How to Choose One?

Albuquerque HVAC Contractors

Are you about to install an HVAC system? Does your existing one require maintenance or repair? In any case, you should hire an HVAC expert to provide you with the required services. The license and reputation of these specialists must be taken into consideration during research. Hiring the lowest bidder isn’t always the best decision, especially when potential clients compare no quotes offered by contractors. The tips below will assist you in hiring the best Albuquerque HVAC contractors in New Mexico.

Check licensing

Licensing is of vital importance to consider when choosing an HVAC specialist in Albuquerque. The largest part of states, including New Mexico, require contractors in this industry to obtain a license. Nevertheless, the state of New Mexico obliges HVAC technicians to acquire a license not just as conditioning contractors but also in Business and Law. 

Moreover, New Mexico provides a variety of certification options in the area of natural gas fitting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, heating, cooling, and process piping, etc. The only way for candidates to obtain a license is by having at least 8,000 hours of work-related experience, which allows them to take the required specialty exam. Also, licensed candidates should obtain a surety bond of $10,000. Visit this website for a detailed explanation of surety. 

Apart from having a license, HVAC contractors are expected to have a NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certificate, proving the education and experience of these professionals are up to date. EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency) obliges all technicians in this industry to be certified in working with refrigerants. 

In addition, candidates can acquire three certification types, Type I, II, and III. Type I permits technicians to work on appliances whose refrigerant levels don’t exceed five pounds. In contrast, Type II allows them to handle high-pressure appliances, whereas Type III limits them to work on low-pressure appliances. 

Consider their reputation

Another factor to take into account when hiring an HVAC technician in Albuquerque is reputation. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) website is an excellent starting point, as it rates registered businesses from A+ to F. The rating companies receive is determined by the number of complaints and the way they were handled by companies. 

It’s of great importance for individuals to select a company whose volume of complaints is low and their existing complaints were handled in a successful manner. For further guidance on the history and role of the BBB, go here Asking for references and referrals will also assist you in forming an opinion about a particular company. The most important thing to ask when contacting references and referrals is whether the technicians performed their job on time, without exceeding the budget. 

Consider home evaluation

When hiring HVAC services to have a new system installed, contractors are expected to conduct a home evaluation before suggesting the most appropriate solution. These technicians take multiple factors into consideration when calculating the size of the system, such as the square footage of the house/apartment, the insulation, the number and direction of windows, etc. 

Moreover, HVAC contractors should perform an inspection of the duct system, searching for leaks, loose insulation, and loose segments. They use a software program called Manuals J, which calculates the right size of the equipment and ductwork based on the provided data. 

Following home evaluation, HVAC contractors should provide clients with a written estimate, including details about the warranty, costs, and energy efficiency of the system. These quotes help homeowners compare different proposals before choosing the best one. 

Don’t hire the lowest bidder

Many individuals are tempted to hire the HVAC contractor offering the lowest estimate without even considering the reasons for setting such a price. When hiring air conditioning service professionals in Albuquerque, always look for a trusted company. Trusted technicians tend to charge higher fees for their services because of their experience, training, and equipment quality. 

No matter how tempting the low prices of contractors seem, make sure to take them with a grain of salt. Huge price discrepancies between companies should raise the red alarm in potential clients. 

In conclusion

Hire the best contractor for the job. 

Your HVAC system should be properly cared for!


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