How To Get Rid of Sebum Build Up On Scalp

Rid of Sebum

For men and women one of the most common problems that leads to many other problems is sebum build up on the scalp. If the scalp oils are allowed to sit on the scalp and down inside the hair follicle eventually fungus, bacteria, mites and yeast will mix and expand their presence resulting in flaking, itching, sores, crusty scalp, scabs, smelly hair or odor, red spots and much more. Lets find out How To Get Rid of Sebum Build Up On Scalp in this blog below:-

What Is Sebum?

Sebum is a necessary component of healthy hair and skin. It is the oil with a mixture of many different components that is produced inside of the hair follicle by the sebaceous gland. This is produced all over the skin and is very important for skin and scalp health. It provides lubrication against friction but it also works to hydrate the skin and the hair from the inside out. It is designed to flow from the root all the way to the top of the hair. It is important in keeping the moisture content of the hair and skin at high levels to prevent drying and cracking. However, it is also vital to keep the outter most layer of the skin in tact so that microbes such as fungus, bacteria and mites cannot enter the skin and embed themselves. 

What Problems Can It Cause?

When the skin protectives layer breaks down it is important to note that natural existence of microbes on the scalp can increase. These fungi and bacteria are always present however when they are able to grow out of control to higher percentages you will see a lot of skin and hair symptoms. Here are a few of the things that can happen when the skin’s vital defense barrier breaks down.   Flaking, itching, redness, patches of severe itching and flaking, hair loss or thinning from inflammation, scalp sores and much more. The most common thing that you will see when the scalp’s balance is out of whack is the is a build up of white waxy substance in the hair, sebum build up that can be crystallized or hardened sebum, balls or tiny fragments in the hair or on the scalps surface and you will also see sebum plugs that can clog the opening of the hair follicle. This can prevent oxygen and eternal nutrients from reaching down into the follicle to feed the hair growth process. This is why product build can be be bad. However, there are other things that tend to happen.

When the excess scalp oils are not removed fungus and bacteria and often times yeast can mix with the oils if they do not flow and instead become stagnant. When this happens there can be  a whole of problems that occur including smelly scalp or hair, severe itching also referred to as seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea, severe dandruff symptoms and along with the crusty scalp that can white or yellow looking dandruff you will also often get severe redness without the scaling or flakes. 

What Can You Do To Remove Build Up?

If you are early in the process most shampoos will work. However, if you are having symptoms at all of can see or scratch off the yellow or white substance on the scalp – or maybe a dermatologist has diagnosed you with a scalp disorder than this means that there are most likely sebum plugs and they need to be removed. Very few shampoos can do this well because they simply try to clarify or strip the hair. For the sebum or follicle plugs to open up and the fungus down inside the follicle to be irrigated you will need to get to a special shampoo or mineral scalp scrub. The most known line of Hair Care Products for Hardened Sebum Build Up and Plugs is Zincplex. Herbs, Zinc pca and a combination of other ingredients work to naturally open and dissolve the plugs without stripping the vital moisture from the hair and the scalp. The minerals in this product help to restore the skin’s barrier on the exterior of the scalp.



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