Collagen Olrom Technology Reviewed – Does Olrom Work?

Collagen Olrom Technology Reviewed

The active collagen eye mask offers optimal anti-aging intensive care for fragile under-eye skin. Their nourishing textures provide the skin with resilience and elasticity and ensure a visibly smoother complexion. This is where nature meets science: Collagen, the scientifically proven wound healing agent, penetrates the skin, gives the eye area noticeable firmness and softens wrinkles. Lets have a look at Collagen Olrom Technology Reviewed – Does Olrom Work?

Let’s explore what makes collagen a winning ingredient in eye patches and why Olrom chose collagen for its popular eye patches.

What is collagen

Who doesn’t dream of looking younger and being healthier than the year of birth in the passport suggests? An antiaging substance – that is, collagen. But what is collagen exactly? Simple question, simple answer: the structural protein par excellence. The body of humans and animals could not exist without collagen. Radiant skin, strong muscles, healthy joints, collagen makes it possible.

Collagen is the most important structural protein in the body. About a third of the total amount of protein in your body is made up of different types of collagen. Skin, lungs, heart, blood vessels, cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, and joints – collagen holds everything together.

The term collagen actually describes a whole family of proteins, of which we know 28 different types so far. 57 percent of collagen consists of the following three amino acids:

  • Glycine (33 percent)
  • Proline (12 percent)
  • Hydroxyproline (10 percent)

Depending on its composition, collagen, sometimes incorrectly written as collagen, can give very different properties. Collagen makes skin elastic, sinews tensile strength, and cartilage strength. In the extracellular matrix, the area between the individual cells of a tissue, collagen acts like a scaffold that stabilizes other substances.

Type I collagen is most common in mammals. The properties of the individual types of collagen determine which tissue they build:

Type I collagen: skin, tendons, bones, dentin (tooth bone), fasciae, vessels, internal organs

Type II collagen: cartilage, vitreous humor of the eye

Type III collagen: skin, uterus, blood vessels

Type IV collagen: in kidney glomeruli (filter bodies), eye lens, cell membrane of skin, and vascular cells

Type V collagen: cell membrane of muscle cells.

Where does collagen come from?

With collagen-rich foods, you can ensure that your metabolism has plenty of collagen. This makes it easier for your body to renew all types of tissue and thus promotes your health. The question arises: Which foods contain collagen – and what is collagen made from?

Typical sources of collagen are:

  • Marrow and sand bones, cartilage, beef, and pork tendons
  • Oxtail
  • Pig and chicken feet and ankles
  • Pigskin (rind), salmon skin, chicken skin
  • Gelatine from the skin and bones of pork, beef, or poultry is used to thicken water-rich foods such as aspic, jellied meat, desserts, and gummy bears
  • Beef, chicken, fish bone broth
  • Seldom on the table in Europe, but popular as a food in Asia: jellyfish (could this be a secret of Asian beauty?

What promotes the build-up of collagen?

Your body needs two things to make collagen:

  • Amino acids
  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C acts as a cofactor for the enzymes that build collagen. Enzymes are often neglected in metabolism. No metabolic process is possible without enzymes. They lower the temperature or the energy requirement for biochemical reactions. As a result, biochemistry already works at a relatively low body temperature of 37 degrees.

If vitamin C is missing, the metabolism cannot incorporate the amino acid hydroxyproline into collagen. You should always combine foods rich in amino acids such as bone broth, meat, fish, and eggs with foods rich in vitamin C to enable optimal collagen formation.

Foods that are rich in zinc, silicon, and antioxidants – such as rosehip, sea buckthorn, pumpkin seeds, and millet – also have a supportive effect. They also promote the build-up of collagen and delay its breakdown.

The role of collagen in beauty

Collagen is the main element behind the firm and wrinkle-free skin. The extracellular matrix represents most of the skin’s layers. It is located under the upper layers of the skin and ensures that the surface is well padded. If you consume enough collagen with your food, you don’t need to worry about wrinkles at a young age.

Even beautiful hair is unthinkable without collagen. This structural protein gives the hair hold and strength. If hair thins, supplements like collagen powder or collagen capsules can help.

But after the second decade of life, collagen production goes downhill. The main reason for this is the so-called growth factors, which become more and more sluggish over time. In addition, the quality of the collagen in skin and hair leaves something to be desired. It is often fragmented and can therefore no longer properly fulfill its supporting function.

Collagen as an antiaging agent

Collagen as an antiaging agent

Collagen as an anti-aging agent is ideal – as a safe alternative to injections with botox or fillers, for wrinkle injections with autologous fat, for surgical lifting, or for ultrasound treatments. In fact, anti-aging creams with beef collagen have been around since the mid-1950s. Scientifically proven collagen dressings and patches have been studied extensively.

Collagen is best known as an essential structural component of several organs, importantly the skin, but it also plays a pivotal role as a signaling molecule in the regulation of all phases of wound healing… When externally applied, collagen has significant potential for wound healing, to recruit immune and skin cells central to wound healing, as well as stimulate new blood vessel formation.

Collagen is effective in wound closure. ScienceDaily.

Collagen binds moisture and temporarily makes the skin look younger. It also penetrates the skin due to its absorption. There, in the extracellular matrix, collagen could permanently plump up wrinkles. Korean scientists found that type I collagen (pentapeptide) is completely trapped in the epidermis. Let’s take a look at how collagen in beauty products and in eye masks especially works.

Skin absorption mechanism

Penetration, absorption, and permeation – these words explain the ability of certain substances to pass through the skin or the entry into the skin. Penetration is the penetration into the horny layer and epidermis, possibly also absorption into the cutis, without reaching lymphatic or blood vessels. Up to 60% of what we apply to our skin can be absorbed.

The absorption rate can be increased even further. The following processes literally “push” ingredients into the skin:

  • The presence of solvents, e.g. propylene glycol
  • The presence of hydroxy acids, e.g. alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA)
  • Mechanical pressure

The combination of mechanical pressure and natural dressing ability of collagen patches to deliver not only active ingredients but collagen itself deep into the structure of the skin. 

Collagen patches

Collagen patches: Why they work

According to medical research, a moist wound environment offers the optimal conditions for the wound to heal quickly and also ensures that scab formation and thus the risk of scarring is prevented. Let’s find out why moist plaster or patch is a better method for healing your skin.

In order for skin damage to get repaired, new cells must be formed. However, the growth of these cells does not only take place best in a moist wound environment, it actually needs it: the skin can only renew itself optimally in a moist environment. The goal of skin healing is to create precisely these conditions. 

The moist condition under skin patches enables the skin to regenerate. If your skin is treated with the repairing Olrom skin patch healing serum infused into collagen, new cells can form, multiply and migrate better. Patches, which enable moist skin healing, accelerate skin healing by up to 50% compared to healing in a dry environment.

Another advantage: in a moist healing environment, cells that are necessary for skin rejuvenation can multiply and migrate better without the disruptive and hindering wound eschar. The formation of new tissue is optimized. 

In addition, the active ingredients in the patches act as important messenger substances and proteins creating ideal conditions to ensure a coordinated wrinkle repair process. The cells required can multiply better, the formation of new tissue is optimized and wrinkle repair can take place more quickly.

What customers say

Olrom collagen beauty patches have quickly gained folliowing, not just because of the variety but also because infused collagen made all the difference. Here’s what customers are saying:

I definitely felt rejuvenated after using. Would certainly recommend to any one who loves doing at home spa treatments! – Jessica

Normally I’d have serious purple bags and puffiness under my eyes. My eyes Look Great! Like really great! – CarolinaGirly

I love having 4 different kinds specifications to soothe, detoxify, de-puff and reduce dark circles. This new mom can get all the help she can get on looking fresher and more well rested! – Rachel Smith

The different types of mask are great when you are targeting a specific issue. I have noticed that the puffiness and darkness under my eyes have dramatically decreased. The product leaves my eyes soft, not tight like some I have experienced. – JD Williams.

Why Olrom Eye Patches are so popular? 

We blink around 40 times a minute. No wonder our sensitive skin under the eyes has wrinkles and can look tired quickly. 

Users say that collagen patches from Olrom feel cool and fresh on the skin. At first they are still damp, but after about 15 minutes of exposure the active serum easily penetrates. The skin around the eyes feels well moisturized and supple. The collagen feels very soft and you don’t even feel the patches on the skin. 

The result convinced most users. The pads cool and plump up small wrinkles really well, and the skin looks much plump and well-groomed afterwards, especially if you prep your skin by using a skin cleansing tool. Overall, the eyes also appear fresher and more alert.

Tip: There is usually a lot of care serum left in the small bowl in which the disposable pads are packed. So don’t throw the pack away straight away, but gently pat the rest of the serum around your eyes with your finger.

Eye pads for tired eyes are all the rage. A night that is too short usually takes revenge the next morning when you look in the mirror: The eyes are tired and swollen. Thankfully, Olrom beauty world has developed something great so that you can regain control of your dark circles, small wrinkles and dry areas of skin under your eyes.


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