Hiring a Top Locksmith in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Hiring a Top Locksmith

Having locks on doors is very important if you want to ensure that buglers have no access to your property. And who do you call when you need a lock installed? Or when you accidentally lock yourself out or inside your property? You answered right, a locksmith. Because the need for a locksmith can arise at any time, you will need a trusted one that you can rely on to come to your aid whenever the need arises. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some factors that anyone living in Portsmouth Hampshire, and even anywhere else in the world has to consider before hiring a top locksmith. 

But first, who exactly is a locksmith. 

Who is a Locksmith?

Anyone that practices installation and repair of residential, automotive, and commercial locks professionally is a locksmith. They can install, adjust, and repair locks of any kind and in everything; your office building, your car, and anywhere you have locks. What this means is that they can alter lock combinations, duplicate or fabricate keys, and override locks when they are given the go-ahead. 

When do you need a Locksmith? 

You need a locksmith if you are in any of the following situations…

1. Stolen, Broken, or Lost Keys

Keys are not big items and so they can easily get lost, stolen, or even broken. You need to change your locks immediately if you find out your key was stolen. This will ensure that the thief will not use the stolen key to gain access to your property. The same level of urgency may not be required for a broken or lost key, especially if the lock is not one you need daily access to.

2. Getting a New Apartment or Home 

Getting the locks replaced is one of the first security steps you ought to take when you get a new apartment or home. Click here to find other security precautions to take when you move house. Changing the locks is necessary because you don’t know if the former resident of the house or a member of the construction team has a spare key to the home. So, all locks should be replaced to avoid burglary. 

3. Accidentally Locking Yourself In or Out

This can happen even to the best of us so you do not need to be embarrassed if it happens to you. Other situations where you would need a locksmith include: 

  • Getting additional security in the home.
  • Forgetting your lock combinations. 
  • Upgrading your home security to a more advanced type. 

Factors to Consider Before you Hire a Locksmith

Due to these skills set possessed by a locksmith, you would need t to be extremely careful when you want to hire one. So, here are some factors to consider to ensure you hire one that is trustworthy and reliable. 

1. Customer’s Review 

Customer review is how you know if a business or service is good, fair, or downright bad. This is because customers will never give positive feedback for a bad experience. So, the first thing to do if you need a locksmith is to ask your neighbors, colleagues, or anyone you know for recommendations.

If they know any with good working ethics, they will not hesitate to mention the person to you. Likewise, if they have had a bad experience working with a particular locksmith they would warn you against using that service. 

You can also search the internet; open your browser and check for the best locksmiths around your area. You may visit https://www.surelockathome.com/ to find out more about locksmiths around you. Do not forget to go through the feedback and reviews left by people who have already used the service. 

2. Ask to see the Locksmith’s License and Permit

The next thing to do after you have found a locksmith is to ensure whether he or she is qualified to take on the job. The only way to do this is to ask for and critically peruse through their license and permit. This will not just help ensure you are hiring a qualified professional, it will also keep you rest assured that the person is credible and has the legal backings to work in the area. 

3. Consider the Locksmith’s Experience

Now, you need to find out if the person is worth their salt. And the first way to check this is to evaluate their experience. As with most professions, locksmiths gather more knowledge and training on the job. 

If the locksmith is experienced, he or she will have all the right ideas that will enable him or her to be able to handle traditional and electronic locks. Read up on the differences between traditional and electronic locks in the referenced article. That a professional has been in practice for a long time – especially if he or she has been practicing in the same area – is an indication that he or she is not a fraud. 

4. Consider the Cost

The final thing to consider is the cost. Some locksmiths may charge above the normal pricing module. Now, you would not want to hire such a service because that is the first sign of dishonesty. First, find out what the standard pricing module is for the job you want to be done, and if he or she does not charge within the range, then start your search all over. 

Do not be daunted by the process, remember you want reliability, so you need to work for it. If the locksmith checks out all of these factors listed, then you can consider other factors that you may personally need in an individual. 


At some point, you would need a locksmith, it could be because you are moving house, your key got stolen, or even because you locked yourself out. Whatever the reason may be, you would need someone reliable and trustworthy for this service. The factors discussed in this article will ensure you hire a good locksmith. That is, if you’ve taken the time to go through it.


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