5 Things to Consider When Adding a Pergola to Your Home

Adding Pergola to Home

A pergola completes the stunning look of a compound. It extends liveable space and creates that unique connection between the indoors and the outdoors. Besides, it’s a dream come true for avid outdoor entertainers. It opens your backyard to all-year-round social events and adds to the overall value of a property. Hence, it calls for some considerations while you decide to install one. If you are thinking of getting a pergola, here are a few things to consider when adding pergola to home.

Contact Your Local Authority

Before you actualize your pergola design, it’s important to consult your local authorities for several reasons. First, you need information on the frost depth of the ground in your area. While it may seem unnecessary, the freezing and thawing in winter may eventually ruin your structure if you don’t get the support beams below the frost depth.

Further, enquire about the planning or building permits you need for your pergola. Fulfilling the legal requirements of your local authority can save you from fines and demolition orders.

Finally, a firm structure needs a solid foundation, which may involve digging holes and cementing posts. Contact your local authority for a map out of local utilities running underground in your compound. Accidentally hitting a gas or electric line while digging is life-threatening and may be pricey to fix.

Location of Your Pergola

Once you are done with your local authority, assess your compound to decide on the ideal location for your pergola. Factor in things like the intended purpose of your pergola, the number of people it can accommodate, the layout of your compound, sun and rain protection, among others.

You don’t want a pergola positioned in an awkward location in your compound. If your compound is vast enough, you can have the pergola by the pool area, or a separate corner for privacy, or as an extension of your house. Just locate it in the most logical position within your compound and where the layout makes more sense.

Consider Materials

There are a variety of materials available for pergola building. Once you decide on the size and design, calculate your budget for the project. Then evaluate the materials fitting your requirements that easily blend well with your overall property.

Whether you opt for sophisticated modern materials framing, or the simplicity of natural or treated timber deck design, painting or staining will improve their aesthetics significantly. Also, consider durability and the possibility of insectinfestation in your area. All in all, the materials you chose will help you make a statement or settle for the average.

Accessorise Your Pergola

Your pergola is all figured out and ready to be erected. It’s time now to make it comfier and usable any time of the day. Remember, a pergola is a costly affair, and you have to get the most out of it. Consider accessories like lighting, roof additions, comfy seats, a fireplace, connections to local utilities like electricity and water, among others. Also, check out if it will make sense to hang plant pots on the structure or have climbing plants up the poles.

To Hire or Not

If you are the DIY type, get all the tools and materials ready, and evaluate all the skills needed to build and accessorise your pergola. Go through those DIY tutorialsand read the manual provided by the manufacturer. Just be sure you observe safety while at it.

But for more permanent and huge pergolas, DIYing may be a disaster in waiting. It is advisable to hire professionals like landscapers, structural engineers, electricians, plumbers, among others, as it may be necessary. Having your pergola built by professionals saves time and ensures the integrity and durability of the structure.

Do It the Right Way

A pergola is a costly project built for long-term use. Thus, careful assessments of requirements and fulfilling legal obligations are paramount. Consider the above five factors to ensure you get value for your money and enjoy all a pergola has to offer.



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