8 Contemporary Ideas For Home Window Coverings

Contemporary Ideas Window Coverings
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There are so many different ways you can style the inside of your home. Furniture, paint, and floor coverings are all great ways you can style a space—but don’t forget about styling your windows! by these Contemporary Ideas for window coverings:

The window coverings you choose can set the tone for you whole home. They help control the climate, they can add color, and can even be used to create the illusion of space. Many different shutters or blinds can even add character. Having windows in your home helps to create a positive vibe, and all that light and air can benefit your wellbeing too. Making them stand out, or are at least ensuring they complement your home’s decor is always a great idea. (1)

Here are eight contemporary ideas for home window coverings: 

  1. Shutters

Shutters are a great way to add a character to both modern and older homes. Dating all the way back to ancient Greece, where they were made from marble, shutters have long been used to keep out the elements and for ventilation. (2)

Over time, craftsmen across Europe began to make them using wood. The Spanish are thought to have brought them over to the Americas, and they became popular in the southern United States, where, painted white, they were ubiquitous on plantation houses. This is where the name “plantation shutters” comes from. (2)

Today, they’re sleek and clean and come in a range of colors and materials. New shutters can clean up the appearance of an older home while still providing character and charm. They can also sharpen up the appearance of a modern home and can pair quite nicely with a more contemporary look. 

Plantation shutters are at the top of any interior designer’s list for styling homes, especially homes that need a little country touch. For a light an airy feel you can opt for white—or cream—colored shutters, while for a more rustic feel you can choose dark timber shutters.

2. Roller blinds

Roller blinds or shades are great because they come in varying opacities and can offer helpful solutions for lighting needs, privacy or climate control. They can also be chosen to style your desired room. Using double roller blinds in the bedroom is great way to allow for light to come in while still providing privacy during the day with a sheer blind, while blocking out the light entirely for a good night’s sleep with black out blinds. 

3. Frosted glass

Frosted glass is no longer just for bathrooms. It has become a trendy way to style your home while also providing privacy. Frosted glass offers a beautiful matte finish to your windows, and many people using this kind of glass will opt for a half frosted half normal glass finish for their windows. Frosted glass will provide you with both style and privacy without needing the extra protection of curtains or blinds 

4. Curtains

Sometimes simple is best. Because of this you can’t go wrong with a good set of curtains. Whether you like the look of thick, full length fabrics or wispy sheer fabrics there are so many options to choose from. Curtains are easy to install and easy to use. You can find colorful curtains or patterned ones to add some color and character to your space. Or, you can opt for simple sheer, or more muted colors, to go with a more modern, neutral look. 

Curtains work great in living areas and bedrooms too and you can also double up to create layers or patterns that can ensure you have both privacy and natural light. Layering curtains, or curtains and blinds, has quickly become a top interior design trend. Experts say this layering can help to make a room feel more interesting. (3)

5. Hanging styles

Once you have chosen your window covering, pick a way to hang it that compliments your space. Those who want to showcase their high ceilings can do this by hanging curtains above the window line, or even from the ceiling itself. For bay windows, you can hang your curtains away from the window to create a cohesive wall when they’re drawn. You might consider hanging two shades on one large window to give yourself the ability to let in different amounts of light. The way you choose to hang your window coverings has everything to do with the space you have and the feel you wish to create in it.

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6. Patterns or textures

Curtains, like furniture, are really cool to play around with because you can have fun with choosing different colors, patterns and textures. When you double hang your coverings, you can also use contrasting patterns or textures to make a bold statement. You could make your windows the focal point of an entire room simply by choosing the right pattern or texture for your curtains, blinds, shades etc.

Remember, a room should still have a cohesive feel to it, so even if you do choose to go bold for your blinds, find a pattern or color that fits your chosen color scheme. You can tie together almost any color or pattern by choosing similar accessories for a room. For example, if you chose to hang yellow shades with yellow patterned curtains, a few yellow cushions or trinkets scattered throughout the room could help tie this bold choice in with the rest of the decor.

7. Retractable shades

Many homeowners have come to love both the indoor and outdoor use of retractable blinds. Motorized or not, they’re a great way to control the harsh effects of the sun coming into your house or outdoor living area. Many retractable blinds can be controlled with the press of a button, or a pull string, but you can also do the same with shades and curtains. 

You can truly bring your home into the future by installing retractable shades. With a simple command you could bring down black out blinds to turn your living area into the perfect home theatre. 

8. Sheer white curtains

One of the best ways to truly embody a contemporary feel in your home is by keeping things simple, and nothing is simpler than sheer white curtains. These can bring so much light into your home, while still providing some privacy. 

These are especially great to use if your home has few windows or little natural lighting. If that’s the case, you can use sheer curtains to bring in as much light as possible into your chosen space. They can help make a room feel bigger too, opening up the room and making it feel light and airy. (3)


Choosing the right window coverings for your home can really make the difference when it comes to meeting your interior design goals. You can add color to make a statement, or keep it simple to create the impression of light and space. Your window coverings can add character while also bringing a modern, contemporary style into your home. 



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