Considering Cosmetic Surgery? 5 Things you need to Think About

Considering Cosmetic Surgery

It may be something you’ve been saving for and planning for a while, or perhaps you’re just getting started on your journey to cosmetic surgery – either way there are some important considerations before you make the decision to go ahead. Here are our top five things to think about ahead of going for that nip, tuck or lift.

Recovery Time

Make sure you are fully aware of the expected recovery time for your procedure. How many days or weeks will you need to take off work? Are there specific requirements for after your surgery, like no heavy lifting or no driving? If so, you’ll need to plan ahead for these. If you have kids, how will they be affected? 

What to do if Anything Goes Wrong

It’s something you probably don’t want to spend time thinking about, but it’s arguably the most important point on this list. It’s a fact of life that sometimes mistakes are made or things can go wrong. Be aware of what steps you need to take and who you can turn to if you have a bad experience. Do your research into medical negligence solicitors. If you’re well prepared, it’ll be less of a shock and worry if anything does go awry.

Choosing who will Perform your Surgery

Once you’ve made the decision to have surgery, you’ll need to decide who will carry out the procedure. They should have the training, skills and insurance required to safely perform your operation. Always make sure you meet them before the big day – book a consultation to chat through all the questions you have. It’s important to check your chosen hospital or clinic, as well as your surgeon, are qualified. The CQC publishes quality ratings online for hospitals and clinics, while you should check the General Medical Council online register to ensure the doctor or surgeon you’re looking into is registered. 

Know the Things to Avoid

Make sure you don’t part with your money until you’ve had a consultation and done all the relevant checks. It’s a big decision so it’s important you take your time over it. Other red flags include treatment vouchers sold online, mobile services, group treatments, or practitioners who do all their advertising on social media

Have Realistic Expectations

Doing thorough research into your specific surgery will ensure you’re prepared for the future. For example, if you’re having implants, they’re not a permanent fix because they don’t last forever. You’ll need more surgery again in the future – so make sure you’re at peace with this. Plastic surgery will most likely boost your confidence, but it won’t change or fix every aspect of your life. Make sure you are realistic about what to expect from the results – don’t presume it will bring you instant happiness. 


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