5 Pros and Cons of Using Exposed Aggregate for Your Outdoor Areas

Exposed Aggregate for Your Outdoor Areas

Thinking about paving your outdoor areas? Perhaps you’re longing to create an outdoor kitchen and dining space. Maybe you’re installing a swimming pool and want a deck plus additional lounging space. Whatever the case might be, you have many decisions to make. One of those is whether to use standard concrete or go with exposed Aggregate for Your Outdoor Areas. 

Exposed aggregate can offer an appealing aesthetic and other benefits. However, you will need to think carefully before choosing an option. Below, we’ll explore several pros and cons of using exposed aggregate for your outdoor areas.

1. Non-Slip Surface

Exposed aggregate concrete offers a non-slip surface. The top layer of concrete is washed away, exposing the carefully chosen gravel (aggregate). The raised gravel provides better grip in wet conditions than standard concrete, and can even offer better traction and protection than other types of concrete coatings.

2. Appearance

Another benefit of exposed aggregate is that you can customise its look to a great extent. Like standard concrete, it can be stained and coloured, but you can also choose the exact aggregate used, including gravel size, colour, and more. 

3. Durability

Concrete is one of the most durable materials out there, and aggregate concrete is no exception. With the right care, it can last for decades even exposed to the elements. 

4. Easy to Clean

Like other concrete surfaces, exposed aggregate just needs to be rinsed with water to clean it up. In the case of more serious soiling or the growth of mildew or mould, a pressure washer on a lower setting can easily clean it. Note that power washing may remove any sealant on the concrete, though, so high-pressure cleaning may mean the need to reseal your areas.

5. Challenging to DIY

If you’re looking for a DIY concrete project, exposed aggregate is probably not the right option. It really requires the skills of an experienced professional, as the installation will affect the aggregate pattern. Removing the top layer of concrete to expose the aggregate without causing damage can also be quite challenging.

As you can see, exposed aggregate concrete can offer plenty of benefits, and the drawbacks are minimal. A trusted professional like Seamless Concrete can help you create any kind of outdoor space you might desire.


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