3 Decisions For Going Green Today

Decisions Green Today

Are you wondering about going green and adopting a sustainable lifestyle? If so, you know that the time to do it is now. With this in mind, let’s examine the top 3 decisions for going green today that will get you going strong in the direction of sustainability.

More and more people are focusing on sustainability. It is clear to many parents, families, and communities that the time is now and the challenge is high. If you are hearing the sound of urgency, you are not alone. 

Starting with simple actions, you can make three critical decisions that will help you start, continue, and evolve into a fully sustainable lifestyle. 

Here are the top 3 decisions to help you ‘go green’ today.

Choose To Be Proactive

Many people want to choose sustainability but don’t quite know where to start. It turns out that the steps for making this shift start by thinking ahead, and taking small actions immediately.

Some of the actions to be more eco-friendly are easier than you think. For example, you can walk through your home. Examine each room and make a list of ideas where you could cut energy reliance, save resources, or revitalize existing usage. 

Walk around the inside and outside of your home or apartment. Are there opportunities to save electricity with fewer lights, more efficient water usage, and updated appliances? Many homeowners find that they can reduce electric bills with simple steps such as caulking, sealing, and weather stripping. 

Consider how to have adventures that don’t require huge amounts of travel. You’ll be able to explore your local area and find new options for entertainment. Check out local parks, nature preserves, and trails. Each time you explore locally, you’ll be helping the environment by not using motorized transportation such as cars and airplanes.

Choose To Be Practical

Before making massive changes, investigate your options. Talk to a professional contractor if you’re considering major remodeling and renovation. Check out options by spending some time on the Internet to evaluate your choices. Some of the key areas for homeowners include pest control, bathroom remodels, and renovations for office space.

If you are making practical upgrades for your home, do an Internet search by topic: 

Pest control near me, bathroom remodels, or office space renovations. By checking out local resources online, you can save yourself vast amounts of effort, time, and money.

Choose To Be Consistent

This third decision is critical. Choose to be consistent and head towards sustainability. At the same time, let go of being a perfectionist. If you buy organic vegetables from a local market, keep doing that. However, if you occasionally buy inorganic vegetables, there’s no need to be overly judgmental about your purchase.

According to the CDC, a core component for a sustainable lifestyle is selecting healthy foods. This happens by making steady and consistent choices to eat locally grown food and eat seasonal food. You may also choose to eat less meat and adopt a plant-centered diet.

These choices may inspire you to grow your vegetables and herbs. It may get you to start shopping at farmer’s markets and supporting local small food producers. It may ignite the desire to start a community garden. It could lead you to make new friends, reclaim a stretch of field, and offer vegetable plots to people in your neighborhood.

As you make consistent choices, you’ll notice that a certain sense of confidence, meaning, and purpose emerge. You won’t be switching from fresh foods to fast foods as frequently. You will bring your grocery bag to the store. You’ll walk, bike, or carpool more often than driving solo. 

Over some time, your normal will be more sustainable. 

As you plant, pick, and prepare fresh foods, you’ll also have some highly rewarding experiences. Freshly grown produce tastes delicious and is extremely nutritious. You may be able to share the pleasures of growing vegetables with your children, parents, neighbors, and friends. 

In addition to growing, you may get intrigued about cooking in a more plant-centric manner. This can help you and your family boost nutrition and develop optimal health. 

Sum Up

Your choices start the wheels turning. Choose to be proactive. Choose to be practical. Choose to be consistent. With small and steady changes, you’ll be inspired to start, continue, and expand a sustainable lifestyle—starting right now.


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