Safeology Contest is Helping Schools Open Safely

Safeology Contest

The Company is Offering $25K in Free Disinfecting UVC Products.The COVID-19 pandemic has completely consumed us for more than a year and is still stopping many of us from sending our kids to school “normally” and without worrying of another outbreak. Parents and teachers remain apprehensive whether or not schools are even safe reopen for face-to-face learning given new variants and the unknown impact of vaccines.Many are asking is Safeology Contest is Helping Schools Open Safely.

States and the federal government struggled to balance priorities early in the pandemic. Fortunately, newly-elected President of the United States Joe Biden came up with a COVID-19 response plan which prioritized the reopening of schools and closely follows the Centers for Disease Control or CDC’s guidelines. Biden’s plan maintains that the US must “act big” to support the CDC’s mitigation strategies to combat the pandemic and for the safe reopening of industries, including schools.

Safeology is here to help by sponsoring an interschool contest where the three winning schools will be awarded $40,000 worth of UVC products. Interested schools may join the contest by signing up at UVC School Contest. Safeology will choose the winning schools on April 28, 2021. 

Prizes include the following:

First Prize. The first prize winner has the option of choosing between these two packages:

  • $25,000.00 worth of UVC Fixtures. Schools may choose what UVC models they want to receive.
  • $25,000.00 towards credit. Winning schools may use the $25,000.00 as credit when purchasing $50,000.00 worth of UVC products from Safeology. 

Second Prize. Second prize winners will get $10,000.00 credits towards purchasing a minimum of $20,000.00 worth of Safeology UVC disinfection products.

Third Prize. Schools chosen for the third prize will get $5,000.00 credit when they purchase $10,000.00 worth of UVC disinfection products.

Safeology, a division of Electric Mirror, is the worldwide number one manufacturer of UVC disinfection products. Safeology products like UVC Mobile Air Purifiers, Upper Room UVC Linear Wall Fixture, Upper Room UVC Linear Recessed Wall Fixture, and UVC Towers use UVC light to sanitize classrooms, shared spaces, university living areas and even daycare centers. 

The CDC approves the use of UVC technology for the safe reopening of schools provided mask-wearing, frequent hand washing, and other mitigation measures are still being done. Safeology’s UVC technology provides a path toward the safer reopening of schools by significantly reducing the risk of students getting sick.


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